If you love unique fashion, you should read Cazicazi!

Have you ever discovered the originality of the Kansai area's fashion? They are known for their unique fashion styles and their bright color coordinates. If you want to learn more, go find the famous Kansai fashion magazine, Cazicazi!



Looking for originality? Go buy Cazicazi!


Cazicazi is a magazine featuring Kansai area fashion. If Tokyo fashion is chic and trendy, Kansai fashion is unique and original. Cazicazi was originally published only in Kansai, but now it has so many fans that some bookstores in other regions like Tokyo sell it, too.


Cool&catchy cover design



This is Cazicazi's latest issue. The cover design is always colorful and the design is cool.

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As Cazicazi is a Kansai magazine, they often use Kansai-ben for their headlines. If you're learning Japanese, try to guess what is in Kansai-ben and what it means! (If you leave it in the comments, we'll check your guesses.) 


Not only for men, but also for women/girls


From the cover designs, you might think that Cazicazi is a men's magazine. In reality, it also features girls' clothing.

Real clothing, real life in Kansai



Cazicazi features street snaps and recommended places to shop, so you can see the real lives of young people in Kansai.

People in Kansai, especially in Osaka, are well-known for loving to wear vivid, bright colors. If you look at Cazicazi, that stereotype is alive and well. 

Cazicazi Hair


Cazicazi also has a hairstyle magazine, called Cazicazi Hair. They showcase various trendy or original hairstyles, and feature hairdressers and salons from the Kansai area. 






If you want a little (or a big) change while you're in Osaka, check out Cazicazi Hair! You can bring the picture of the hairstyle you like to the stylist so they can recreate it perfectly. 

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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