[Osaka/Shinsekai] Iaigiri Experience! LAST SAMURAI

LAST SAMURAI is an experience dojo for iaigiri (a fundamental technique of Japanese Iaido swordsmanship, which emphasizes quick-draw sword techniques), which can be found right by Shinsekai and Tsutenkaku in Osaka. This class at LAST SAMURAI is intended to teach the basics of samurai discipline through manners, forms, and Zen. The lesson is concluded using authentic samurai swords to perform a practice cut known as the kesagiri (a diagonal slash starting at the shoulder). There's no doubt that this is an opportunity to experience something outside the sphere of common day-to-day experience. Although authentic Japanese swords are used, the careful, detailed instructions ensure the safety and universal accessibility of this experience. You can experience the fascination of authentic Japanese swords with LAST SAMURAI.

Package Details:
1. Fill out the reception card and written consent form at the 1st floor reception, then get changed into a hakama (traditional garb worn by Iaido practitioners).   10 minutes
2. Learn some basic information about samurai in the 2nd floor dojo, then receive instruction on the etiquette of handling a Japanese sword, practice kata (sword forms), and zazen (seated meditation).   60 minutes 
3. Perform the kesagiri practice cut using a Japanese sword. (A video will be recorded, then a Dropbox link with the video will be e-mailed to you the following day.)   15 minutes
4. Changing   5 minutes

Basic Information on the Samurai

Within the dojo facility, you’ll learn about the basic background of samurai, katana (Japanese sword) etiquette, and the proper way to handle a katana, then practice the basic form of the kesagiri using a wooden sword.

The Heart of Zen

Achieve unity of mind through Zen meditation by quieting the routine clamor of thought.

Test Cut (Kesagiri)

You will use an actual katana to try a practice slash of the basic sword form known as kesagiri.
The entire sequence will be video recorded, then sent to you as a movie file the following day. Those who successfully complete the kesagiri will receive a certificate of completion!

Basic Information


From 10,000 yen