10 Relaxing Hot Spring Inns and Bathhouses in the Narita Area to Start Off or Finish Your Holiday

The city of Narita in Chiba Prefecture is famous for its international airport and Naritasan Shinsho-ji Temple, which boasts the highest number of visitors in all of Japan during hatsumode (the first shrine or temple visit of the year). With close to 15 million visitors every year, there are usually plenty of tourists staying in or around the area. Traveling can get hectic, so we've gathered information on some of the most relaxing onsen (hot springs) and sento (public bathhouses) in the Narita area to start off or finish your holiday!


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10 Best Hot Springs and Bathhouses in the Narita Area

1. Ryusen no Yu (Yukemuri Tennen Onsen)

Ryusen no Yu is a day-trip hot spring facility located just a 10-minute walk from Narita Yukawa Station. You can also reach it by taking a bus from the Narita Station West Exit, or by car thanks to the facility’s free parking with a capacity of 180. Ryusen no Yu opens at 9:30 am and is relatively uncrowded in the early hours.

The idea behind Ryusen no Yu was that of a secluded hot spring inn. It is surrounded by a beautiful Japanese garden. The facility’s Japanese-style interior has a very cozy feel to it and leaves you feeling clean and refreshed. Other than a bath, the facility offers massages and scrubbings, and includes an eating area, relaxation rooms, and even an area where you can buy fresh produce, making it the perfect place to spend the entire day at. Ryusen no Yu is only open on weekdays, but it offers some exciting bathing and dining plans!

Ryusen no Yu boasts a variety of baths, like an open-air bath, a giant pot bath, jet bath, carbonated bath, electric bath, and a cold water bath. The open-air and giant pot baths are surrounded by a spacious sea of verdure and are great places to relax. You can also enjoy the facility’s Finnish-style sauna where you’ll spend hours sweating amidst the steam. Ryusen no Yu is a natural hot spring facility that's actually very affordable, so why not visit it today?

2. Narita View Hotel

Narita View Hotel is a hot spring facility located a 3-minute car drive from the Narita Interchange on the Higashi Kanto Expressway. It can also be easily reached by train or hotel shuttle bus from Narita Airport Station or JR Narita Station. It takes about 30 minutes by car to reach the hotel from Narita Airport, so you can enjoy the hotel hot spring before you set off abroad or right after you arrive to Japan.

The hotel offers many overnight plans, from a solo one to couple’s plan, which are all very reasonable. Day-trip travelers can also make use of the hotel's hot spring bath, which is fed from a natural hot spring source 1,000m underground. The waters have a moisturizing and revitalizing effect, making the hotel the perfect place to rest up at after a long trip.

The natural hot spring waters are great for healing nerve pain or an oversensitivity to cold. The hotel prides itself on its atmospheric open-air stone bath. Its baths change depending on the day, so there'll always be something new for you to try. The hotel’s first floor houses genuine Chinese and Japanese restaurants as well as a buffet restaurant with incredibly healthy and clean offerings, all of which taste even better after a hot bath.

3. Hana no Yu

Hana no Yu is located 3 km from the Tomisato Interchange on the Higashi Kanto Expressway. It’s a super sento, which is basically a bathhouse with a large number of baths and services, including a bedrock bath, a sauna, scrubbing services, a beauty salon, massage services, and more. Food is allowed within the facility, so you can spend the entire day here relaxing.

Hana no Yu is surrounded by beautiful verdure and offers many rest areas, making it the perfect place to rest up and forget about your troubles. It includes a sitting room that’s great for napping as well as an area with comic books and beanbag chairs. There's even a cafe! There is something at Hana no Yu for everyone.

Hana no Yu's baths are separated into Japanese-style and Western-style baths, and which gender is allocated what bath is changed by the day. For example, the female baths are Japanese-style on odd-numbered days and Western-style on even-numbered days. Whichever bath you choose, though, you are bound to be mesmerized by their individual charms. The bathhouse uses soft water, which has a skin-beautifying effect similar to that of hot springs. For that reason and more, Hana no Yu is a bath lovers’ paradise!

4. Yamato no Yu

Yamato no Yu is a hot spring facility in the city of Narita. It’s a 20-minute walk from Shimosa-Manzaki Station, the closest station to the facility, so it’s recommended you arrive by car or taxi instead and use the free parking with a capacity of 100. Just keep in mind that Yamato no Yu has been designed as a health resort for adults and does not admit children under elementary school age! 

Yamato no Yu has private rooms with open-air baths, making it a great couple's destination. There is also a restaurant on the premises, so the facility can also be used for private events. Yamato no Yu offers a variety of services, from a beauty service menu to aroma therapy, a fitness corner, and an indoor pool.

The public bath, which has been carried over from the previous iteration of this facility, is fed directly from a hot spring source. While relaxing in it, guests can admire the seasonal beauty of nature through the facility’s large windows. There are eight types of open-air baths total, including a large barrel bath and a jacuzzi bath. Why not visit the resort today and relax in their open-air baths while being surrounded by nature?

5. Kogane no Sato (Tomisato Tennen Onsen)

Kogane no Sato is a natural hot spring resort located conveniently in the city of Tomisato right next to the Tomisato Interchange (on the Higashi Kanto Expressway) and the Shisui Premium Outlets mall. You can reach it after a 15-minute car ride from Narita Airport, making it a great place to drop by before or after your holidays. There’s nowhere better to experience a natural hot spring in the middle of a city than at Kogane no Sato!

The facility is equipped with rest areas and eating areas. It boasts an extensive restaurant menu that includes many things that kids love like soft-serve ice-cream or shaved ice. Kogane no Sato also has private rest areas and rooms for those who prefer some privacy. It even offers a variety of services such as Korean beauty treatments and scrubbings, which are great for relaxing and forgetting about your troubles.

Kogane no Sato's baths are drawn from a natural hot spring source 1,400m underground. They have a wide variety of baths, including open-air and indoor baths, saunas, and cold water baths. The entire facility has a simple, spacious design that’s excellent for relaxing. Not only has it recently been remodeled, but its prices have dropped, making you want to return time and time again.

6. Yura no Sato (Shisui Onsen)

Yura no Sato is a hot spring facility located close to the Shisui Premium Outlets mall. It’s a little way away from the city of Narita, but you can reach it by the bus line running between Narita Airport and the shopping complex. Yura no Sato is also located close to an interchange and is accessible by car thanks to the facility’s parking lot with a capacity of 230.

Yura no Sato’s highly carbonated hot spring is said to improve circulation by relaxing blood vessels. To carbonate the hot spring, a device has been set up to artificially infuse the water with high levels of carbon dioxide. As a result, a dip in Yura no Sato's waters is said to help with oversensitivity to cold, swelling, shoulder stiffness, and high blood pressure. The hot spring is relatively lukewarm, coming in at 37°C (98.6°F), so people of any age can enjoy it for hours at a time.

Yura no Sato doesn’t offer just carbonated baths. It also includes silk baths, giant pot baths, open-air baths, and many more, all of which are fed from a high-temperature hot spring source 1,500m underground. A bedrock bath operating on a free-time system (in which you pay a certain amount to use it as many times as you want within a set time period) as well as beauty salon services are also available. You can take a dip in Yura no Sato’s baths as many times as you want while also enjoying their rest areas and free Wi-Fi, making the facility a great place to spend the entire day at.

7. Yurakujo Tokyo

Yurakujo Tokyo is a Japanese-style super sento located 10km from Narita Airport. It comes with a capsule hotel, so it’s available for both day trips and overnight stays. It opened in July 2019 and is absolutely pristine on the inside. Towels and bathhouse garments are included in the price, so you don’t need to bring anything with you.

Yurakujo tries to replicate the cityscape of old Tokyo and has a constant festival atmosphere about it. At the same time, it also projects images on the ceiling and has fountain shows, taking you out of the ordinary and into a world of wonder. With bars and other eating spaces available, it is a great place to spend the whole day at. It even has kids' rooms for families with small children.

Although the baths here are not fed from a natural hot spring source, they are spacious. The open-air bath offers a scenic garden view that changes with the seasons. At night, the baths are lit up, creating a completely different atmosphere from what you can experience during the day. Additionally, a souvenir store on the premises provides casual shopping opportunities.

8. Arashi no Yu Tako Branch

Arashi no Yu Tako Branch is a fun facility with medicinal stone baths. It is found along National Route 296 across from the Tako rest area. It's recommended that you get the hot spring facility's stamp card and coupon ticket book, which when combined come out cheaper than just paying the price of admission. An unlimited free pass, as well as birthday services and email membership promotions are also available.

Arashi no Yu's stone baths are made up of 15 different kinds of "healing" stones as well as natural hot spring water. The geothermal heat of the stones as well as the abundant minerals and natural properties of the hot spring water are believed to help guests with all sorts of health ailments. Specifically, the baths can help with hay fever, hemorrhoids, constipation, shoulder stiffness, and so on.

The great thing about the medicinal stone baths is that they can even get the sweat out of your sebaceous glands to rid you of toxins, which beautifies the skin and improves your health. The process involves resting in the bath for 10 minutes and then getting out a total of three times in a room considerably cooler than a sauna, set at 42-45°C (107.6-113°F). That’s low enough for even children to withstand. The medicinal stone baths are great for rough skin and are thus recommended for people suffering from atopy!

9. Carnival Hills

Carnival Hills is a hot spring facility located a 20-minute car ride from Narita Airport. It prides itself on its deep brown hot spring waters and a rarely-seen outdoor natural hot spring exclusively for dogs. The facility also features a park where dogs can play together.

Carnival Hills’ natural hot spring is said to have a beautifying and smoothing effect on the skin due to it being an alkaline sodium-carbonate spring. It makes your skin feel amazing while you’re in the bath, and once you get out, you’ll feel incredibly refreshed. The spring effectively acts as a fountain of youth by clearing up, tightening up, and moisturizing the skin. A footbath is also available where you can sit back and relax for a while.

You can also enjoy Carnival Hills’ beauty salon and restaurant without getting into the bath or paying the admission fee. Special plans for groups of six or more as well as for children's parties and other private events are also available. Of course, you can always enjoy Carnival Hills on a solo trip! There is something here for everyone.

10. Karin no Yu

Karin no Yu is a hot spring facility within The Farm, a plantation resort in the city of Katori. It has cottages and offers camping and BBQ opportunities, which attracts many families on the weekends. It also features a cafe serving delicious vegetable dishes. The facility is located a 90-minute car ride from the city center, in the heart of nature.

The water for this hot spring facility comes from a highly-concentrated salt spring 1,500m underground. Its properties help keep the body warm for a longer duration of time. Karin no Yu's open-air bath is very spacious, able to accommodate tens of people at once, so even during busy times you can take a relaxing bath in it. On clear nights, you can lie in the bath, look up at the stars above you, and forget about the world for a while.

You can lie back and relax after your bath at the facility’s tatami (straw mat) rest area. It’s modeled after a traditional Japanese-style house, so the windows look out at a vast green garden. The restaurant serving local vegetables is also worth mentioning. Once you get inside the facility, you can use the baths as many times as you want, like after using the rest area or after a nice meal.

Discover Your Favorite Hot Spring in Narita!

Many people tend to find themselves in the city of Narita. After all, it is the home of an international airport. You'll find many hot springs and sento bathhouses around the area, helping people relax before and after their trip. We've introduced some of the best of them, so if you want to lie back and forget about your everyday troubles, pay them a visit!

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