High-Quality Japanese Sheet Masks Perfect for Souvenirs!

[Recommendations from Tokyo's Female College Students] Sheet masks are a great souvenir because they're light and easy to carry. There are many unique masks that you can buy as rewards for yourself or to surprise your friends with, and here are some of the options available that you can find while in Japan!



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Sheet Masks: Saviors for Troubled Skin

When you use a sheet mask after a long, tiring day at school or work, doesn't it feel a little luxurious? They gently moisturize your skin, and it feels like it's even more efficient than using regular skincare. There are even sheet masks that can be used in place of your usual skincare routine, so you can keep your skin beautiful even when you're incredibly busy! 

How to Use Sheet Masks

When you use sheet masks, in order to get the most benefits from it, first you should remove your makeup and wash your face. There are people who don't know whether or not they should moisturize before using a sheet mask, but it should be fine without it! However, since the sheet mask does not cover the areas below the eyes, around the mouth, or the neck, you should moisturize those areas to prevent dry skin.

Since most sheet masks have a lot of product on them, it's best to use them once or twice a week so you don't overload your skin. However, there are some that can be used for daily care. Here are sheet masks that range from those for everyday use to luxury items and those great for souvenirs!

Recommended Sheet Masks for Everyday Use

1. LuLuLun

LuLuLun's sheet masks are said to be the product that ignited Japan's current love of face masks. The package is cute, but the sheet masks themselves are high-quality items that have a large amount of product. The LuLuLun 42 Sheet Set (1,500 yen plus tax) has the equivalent of 4 bottles of moisturizer in one box, as well as hyaluronic acid and acacia honey. At this price, each sheet mask is only 36 yen, so it's perfect for everyday use both for your skin and your wallet!

You can pick which ones to buy based on your needs! For example, the blue Ao no LuLuLun 32 Sheet Set  (1,500 plus tax) is for those who want moisturizing, while the white Shiro no LuLuLun 32 Sheet Set (1,500 yen plus tax) is great for those looking for help with hyperpigmentation. They also sell LuLuLun 7 Sheet Set (300 yen plus tax), so you can pick it up at any time during your travels! 

2. Saborino Mezama Sheet

This is a rather unique sheet mask. While most sheet masks are meant to be used at night, this Mezama Sheet 32 Sheet Set (1,300 yen plus tax) is meant for the morning! ("Mezama" means "to open your eyes," as in waking up.) The sheet has face wash, skin care, and moisturizer included, so you can get your morning skincare done in a jiffy with just this one sheet! Unlike other masks, you only need to have it on for 60 seconds, so it's perfect for busy women! 

There are three types, including the Mezama Sheet Sawayaka Kajitsu no Sukkiri Type 32 Sheet Set (1,300 yen plus tax) for a refreshing morning and the Mezama Sheet Fresh Kajitsu no White Type 28 Sheet Set (1,300 yen plus tax) that has Vitamin C included for brightening.

Saborino also has a night version called Saborino Otsukaresa Mask 28 Sheet Set (1,300 yen plus tax), which will go on sale July 18, 2017 for a limited time. This product is meant to be worn after your nightly bath as your complete skincare routine! This sheet includes moisturizer, milky lotion, cream, serum, and mask, so it's especially good for when you're exhausted and want to sleep early. Why not pick up both morning and night masks to simplify your day?

A Luxury Sheet Mask with High Quality Results

3. SK-II Facial Treatment Mask

SK-II, a brand famous for fundamental skincare, offers this mask that includes their Pitera™ product that supports your skin's natural processes. This product is focused on dry skin, so you'll end up with fully moisturized, lustrous skin. It's a luxury product at more than 1,000 yen per sheet, so why not pick one up as a gift to yourself?

Sheet Masks Perfect for Handing Out as Souvenirs

4. Liggl Yume Bihada Mask

Liggl Yume Bihada Mask is made with so much attention to detail that it's made from Tosa washi paper, a traditional Japanese craft! Washi paper is different per region based on the production process and materials used, and Tosa washi paper is famous for having many varieties that are high-quality. This product uses the best qualities of Tosa washi paper, so it's moisturizing, strong, and feels nice to put on. There are various kinds of masks, but the Liggl Yume Bihada Mask Kiralihada (324 yen) has collagen and keratin included in it so you can expect your skin to feel soft yet strong after using it.

The Liggl Yume Bihada Mask Gohobihada (324 yen) includes ceramides, a compound that is great for moisturizing. There's also the Liggl Yume Bihada Mask Bikatsuhada (324 yen) that has Goishicha (a type of fermented tea) extract, hyaluronic acid, and collagen, so it's full of anti-aging benefits!

5. Issindo Honpo Design Face Pack

Issindo Honpo's face mask is very popular with foreign tourists lately. While it's a great sheet mask, the fun, playful design is what's attracting attention. The sheet masks that are particularly loved are the Kabuki Face Pack (900 yen), which is designed based on the makeup that popular Kabuki actor, Somegoro Ichikawa, used in the popular programs "Shibaraku" and "Funabenkei." One package has the red makeup of the hero and the blue makeup of the revengeful ghost.

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Other masks in this series include the Doraemon Face Pack (430 yen) from the popular Japanese anime, Doraemon! Issindo Honpo has various sheet masks from Japanese anime, so why not look for one of your favorite characters?


They also have sheet masks featuring characters from the internationally popular Marvel movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron! The Marvel Face Pack (900 yen) comes with one Iron Man and one Captain America mask, so why not wear them with a friend and take photos?


These face masks are all popular as Japanese souvenirs. Really unique designs are often available only for a limited period of time, so you should definitely check it out! Why not pick up different kinds of sheet masks and compare them?

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