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What is matcha beer?



Matcha beer is a mixture of matcha powder and beer.

Innovative beverage matcha beer. I thought it’s genius. Too delicious.

Well matcha beer is stronger than I thought. AHHH it’s delicious. But people’s opinion might be separated by either LOVE or HATE.

Matcha beer
I tried how it tastes…
(  * `円´){ goooooooooood !

It’s not a smooth sweet beer
This is something~☆
Cannot stop drinkinggggggg!

The way to make it is very easy, actually.


Put matcha into glass and pour beer than done!

It was so easy than I imagined at first…
Anyway, you can drink delicious matcha beer made by professionals at Iyemon Salon Kyoto.

About Iyemon Salon Kyoto




“Iyemon Salon Kyoto” is based on the idea that “tea designs life culture” and that it will be “offering a new lifestyle through cafe.” It was established in Kyoto Sanjo Karasumaru in June 2008.




3 concepts of Iyemon Salon Kyoto

Tea and machiya workmanship
”Iyemon Salon Kyoto” express tea culture’s architecture pattern. ”Machiya” as contemporary cafe style.

Landscape with tea
”Iyemon Salon Kyoto” offers new way to enjoy tea, ”landscape with tea”.

Enjoy with tea
”Iyemon Salon Kyoto” offers meals and sweets which are good to have with tea.

Maccha drinks with sake

There’s more matcha alcohol and food based on matcha taste. I will introduce all of them here!

Mizu dashi IYEMON Hai(Shochu mixed with iced green tea)


Home made high-class green tea mixed with shochu

photo by mamazou on

Homemade roasted green tea mixed with shochu


High class green tea Spritzer


Green tea mojito


Matcha drinks


photo by K : Relish to Relish on

-green tea of middle grade
-Karigane of green tea of middle grade
-Kabuse tea
-Deep steamed green tea
-High class green tea
-Maccha and more

Traditional Japanese tea is respectfully served at a contemporary style tea counter by professional staff. Enjoy handmade, high-class green tea which you can drink through a tea leaf tasting and other ways only available at the tea counter.

Cold green tea


Cold Matcha soda


Sweets with Matcha

Matcha Affogato


Seasonal IYEMON parfait

This month is mango and yellow peach. In the bottom, there’s matcha sauce and agar.

IYEMON Anmitsu


If you’re interested in visiting, check these websites for more information!

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