Go on a Snowmobile Ride! (Furano, Hokkaido)

The northernmost Japanese island of Hokkaido boasts many tourist spots that attract countless visitors every year, including major tourist cities like Sapporo and Hakodate, beautiful hilly areas like Biei and Furano, the Shiretoko World Heritage Site, the skiing paradise of Niseko, and the popular Asahiyama Zoo.

Furano is located in central Hokkaido and often features in Japanese TV shows, commercials, and movies. How about going to see it yourself on a snowmobile!

Snowmobiles Are Safe!

Snowmobiles are just motorbikes that can ride on snow thanks to their wide caterpillar tracks. With them, even deep, soft snow isn’t a problem. They’re a common sight in northern lands like Hokkaido, so why not ride one while visiting the island?

A guide will explain all of the snowmobile basics and be with you the entire way, so anyone can sign up for this snowmobile tour. Some of the most beautiful parts of Hokkaido, like its forest roads, mountains, and snow plains, are only reachable via snowmobile, so hop on one and venture into the island’s snow-white kingdom.

Dashing Through the Snow!

Feeling the cold wind on your face as you dash through the snow is something that you’ll never experience while walking. You can only feel that on a snowmobile!

Gather Around for the Safety Lecture!

Before the tour starts, participants will have to attend a beginners’ safety lecture and practice the use of a snowmobile until they feel ready to ride. This way, everyone can feel safe while traversing the snows of Hokkaido. Additionally, all the trails undergo prior inspection during which all potentially dangerous spots are identified so they can be avoided. For this tour, safety is the number-one priority.

Basic Information


3 km course: 2,500 yen

10 km course: 7,000 yen

30 km course: 16,000 yen