[Tokyo/Taito-ku] A Calligraphy Experience That Covers All the Basics! Give Yourself Some Downtime with Organically Cultivated Tea & Seasonal Japanese Sweets

Try your hand at the artistic expression of Japanese characters with a calligraphy experience in Tokyo!
You’ll start off by practicing the Japanese character “shoku” (food). Writing this particular character involves the use of many fundamental brushstrokes like the ten (dot), the tome (full stop), and the harai (sweep). After you finish, you’ll be able to practice whichever character you like.
You’ll receive a certificate of completion upon finishing the calligraphy class, and then really get into a cultured mood with some organically cultivated tea, seasonal sweets, and jellies.
After learning the fundamentals of calligraphy, practice any character you like, or perhaps try writing your own name.

You’ll learn about the different kinds of suzuri (inkstones), sumi (inks), and fude (brushes), as well the origins of kanji and hiragana.
After finishing the calligraphy lesson, you’ll have an opportunity to try Japanese sweets and fruits that exemplify the season's flavors.

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From 5,000 yen