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Shopping, sightseeing, dining... When you're in Japan, you want to have it all! So, you have to choose your destination carefully. In our opinion, there’s no better place than Lotte Duty Free in Ginza. You don’t need to shop around for a great price (hurray for tax free!), it’s close to Asakusa and other popular sightseeing spots, and there are plenty of great places to eat nearby. Read on to see how it's the smartest way to do Tokyo!

*This article was sponsored by Lotte Duty Free.

Her: Our friends' wedding is next month, right? Should we get them perfume as a present? 

Him: Sounds good. I guess it's easiest to get it online? 

Her: You risk getting fakes online, though, and I worry it'll get broken in the mail. It's probably better to get it in store. You don't know what they smell like unless you try them in person, too. 

Him: Should we go to a department store, then? 

Her: Department stores are expensive because brand name perfumes are never on sale there! It's so annoying to go to different stores comparing prices, too, but I don't want to pay more than I need to.

Him: Well, we're going to Japan next week. Why don't we check out the Tokyo Lotte Duty Free store? My coworker just got back from Tokyo, and he said you can get a pretty good deal there if you have a coupon. He shared one with me, too! 

Her: The Lotte Duty Free store in Ginza? OK, let's add it to our schedule and have some fun shopping while we sightsee!

Let's follow our sightseeing couple as they go to the Lotte Duty Free store and check out its benefits firsthand!

Super Accessible

It's really easy to visit the Lotte Duty Free store in Ginza, with direct train access to sightseeing areas like Ueno and Asakusa, plus access to the Tokyo Metro Hibiya and Yurakucho lines as well. Ginza itself is shopping heaven! It's the leading shopping area in Tokyo, with stores like Itoya, Loft, and the largest Uniqlo store in Japan found here. You could easily stay all day!

This distinctively designed building is Tokyu Plaza Ginza, which offers both retail stores and places to eat. Its glass facade is stylish and gorgeous.

In addition to the delicious looking restaurants on offer, this building hosts the new spot you can't miss when you come to Japan: Lotte Duty Free, located on the 8th and 9th floors. Shopping experts recommend this store to everyone as a place to buy high-end luxury products at a low price.

Easy to Understand Floor Layout

As Tokyo's biggest airport-style duty-free store, sightseers can leisurely shop without worrying about the time. The 8th floor consists mainly of brand name boutiques, while the 9th floor features cosmetics, electronics, souveniers, and more. Shopping is easy when the floor layout is this clear and simple!

Everything from Luxury Brands to Cosmetics

[8F] Luxury Boutiques, Luxury Watches, Fashion, Clocks

The total size of the two floors is 4,400 square meters, with over 175 brands on offer. Our sightseers ride up on the elevator and are greeted by a clean and bright space. First, they arrive on the 8th floor, which has a high-end atmosphere. Gucci, Coach, Samantha Thavasa, and many other international brands can be found here. Watch out - a lineup of Panerai, Blancpain, Omega, and other famous watch brands are also competing for attention here, so you might forget what you came to buy!

[9F] Electronics, Cosmetics, Alcohol, Cigarettes, Souvenirs

Not to be outdone by the range of brands on the 8th floor, the 9th floor is also fully stocked.

Here, you can purchase well-known Korean brands like Sulwhasoo without having to go all the way to Korea. And what's more, you can test the products right in store!

Unlike regular shopping centers, you can get alcohol and cigarettes duty-free here, too! There are many types on offer, which should make shopping a fun experience for both men and women.

While our sightseers enjoy themselves browsing, they soon discover the Tax Free Zone! A wide range of electronics, popular face masks, snacks, and more are available. A lineup of popular, on-trend products can be found here, so you won't just save time going from shop to shop, you'll save money as well.

No Language Barrier Stress

After doing a sweep of the store, our shoppers have finally found the Jo Malone store!

Luckily, just when they were feeling overwhelmed by choice, an English-speaking shop assistant came to recommend some products to them. He taught them all about the different fragrances, so they were able to get what they were looking for without any problems!

If you buy two large-sized perfumes at the Lotte Duty Free store, they will gift wrap them for free! Their friends are going to be delighted when they see this stylish wrapping. 

An Exclusive tsunagu Japan Coupon

As our sightseers checked out, the shop assistant introduced them to a sale that was currently running. 2,000 yen off for every 20,000 yen spent! When the man showed the maximum 2,000 yen discount coupon his friend told him about, it turned out he could stack it on top of the sale price! 

Duty free, tax free, and a 4,000 yen discount to top it off! This must be the cheapest place in Asia to buy Jo Malone products!

* Present the above coupon for a 1,000 yen discount on purchases of 10,000 yen or a 2,000 discount on purchases of 20,000 yen.
* This campaign is only available for customers who can show their country's passport and a boarding pass for a return flight (you can display this on a smartphone or other digital device).

Use the Customer Lounge for Free!

After buying the Jo Malone perfume, the female sightseer was feeling curious about a luxury bag she saw on the 8th floor and wanted to go check it out properly. However, her counterpart was feeling a little tired from walking and wanted to take a break... 

Luckily, Lotte Duty Free has a free customer lounge available. While she went back to shopping, he could take a break with a free coffee!

Free Airport Delivery

While he took a break, she went back to shopping her heart out! 

Since she came all this way, it seemed a waste just to get a wedding present for her friends. Using all the coupons available, she decided to treat herself to a brand name bag! 

According to a shop assistant, the products you buy at Lotte Duty Free can be shipped free of charge to the airport. Get an exchange voucher from the shop assistant when you check out. Then, visit the duty-free pickup counter at the airport up to one hour prior to your scheduled flight. Show your passport, boarding pass, and exchange ticket to collect your items! 

* Pickup is only available at the following two airports: Narita Airport Terminals 1, 2 and 3, and at Haneda Airport International Passenger Terminal.

* Duty-free counters are not open 24 hours a day. Counters operate only when flights are scheduled. 

You can get the items you like at a great price, then leave it to the experts to send them to the airport so you don't have to worry about anything getting damaged! It's two birds with one stone!

Satisfied from all the shopping and a day of enjoying Ginza without any baggage, our sightseers decide to get dinner nearby.

So Many Dining Spots Nearby!

The Ginza area is full of places to eat, from budget eats to high-class dining. Why not use all the money you saved shopping at Lotte Duty Free to treat yourself to a luxurious dinner? 

An Exclusive tsunagu Japan Coupon for You!

In addition to exemption from consumption tax, duties, alcohol tax, and other charges, Lotte Duty Free also offers a variety of sales and campaigns so you can save even more!

A discount on top of the duty free price? You can't help but take advantage, right? 

Rush to Lotte Duty Free for a stress-free shopping experience!

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The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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