12 Ways to Enjoy the Ginza Branch of the Popular Japanese Stationery Store Itoya

Itoya is a stationery store in Ginza visited every day by countless enthusiasts from Japan and abroad. The entire building functions almost like a theme park for stationery. It is one of the coolest stores in Tokyo so be sure to check it out!



"SHARE" Memories of Your Trip at Itoya! 


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Known as "SHARE," the recently renovated second floor space of Itoya in Ginza is lined with letterheads and envelopes, letter pads, postcards, glass dip pens, envelope seals and other letter-writing tools. The space is based on the keywords "write & post" and is a one-stop shop where you can choose your favorite postcards and write a message for loved ones on the spot.  You'll also find desks and chairs opposite the floor's windows, complete with writing tools prepared for your use, so there is no need to bring your own pen. Once you have finished writing, paste an original Itoya stamp on the card and place it in the adorable postbox that has been specially prepared inside. Your message will then be posted from "SHARE".  

Find your Ideal Pen at the Pen & Ink Bar!


Upgrade your desk space by visiting the 3rd floor, where you'll find a wide selection of writing tools on display. It's said that there are an incredible approx. 1200 varieties on offer. Not only that, buy you can also try out items before you buy. We all know that with writing utensils, the feel is just as important as the design and Itoya understands this. All aspects of the store are designed to meet such needs and whether you want several items to hand out as gifts at your office or are looking for that one special pen for yourself, you're sure to walk away with a great memento of your trip. 

Glass Dip Pens


Glass dip pens are an increasingly popular item, lately. The delicately beautiful colors and form they produce immediately catch the eye, while their feel when writing has an astonishing smoothness that belies the hardness of the glass. The ink from glass dip pens is easily washed away with water, allowing you the freedom to enjoy a variety of colors. They are truly a tool that makes writing by hand fun, and there's nothing more cool than having a selection of colors with which you can immediately change the impression of your writing. 

Make your Own One-of-a-Kind Notebook at Note Couture


On the 4th floor "Meeting Floor," you'll have the chance to make your own original note book. Simply choose the paper, cover, and design you want and watch staff bring it to life before your eyes. For just a few hundred yen, you can order your own Haute Couture notebook. How's that for fashion?

Select your Preferred Notebook Color with a Color Chart Brand Notebook


Color Chart is an original brand of notebooks produced by Itoya. If you'll be using your notebook every day, you might as well choose the perfect color. This brilliant brand is designed specifically to meet that need. You'll be charmed by the selection of beautiful colors, each with their own unique name. Choose the one that's best for you or express your individuality by mixing two separate tones. The designs never get old and are sure to blend in with your daily routine. In addition, each notebook is  made from specially selected leather that is difficult to damage or discolor. 

A Collection of Goods that will Change the Way you Travel


When we hear the word "travel," most of us think of far-away trips. In fact, though, your daily commute, shopping, and trips to and from school can also be categorized as travel. That's why this floor offers a range of goods that are designed to make your daily travel more comfortable and convenient. From carefully crafted bags for work to elegant skinned accessories and stylish cases for your digital devices, you'll find a carefully selected group of items on display, each allowing you to express yourself while you're on the move. With the right pick, you'll find yourself wanting to go out more and more.

Your New Companions for Comfortable Travel!



Contrail is another of Itoya's original brands and is designed to make your daily movements more comfortable and practical. Take camera bags for example - with a contrail bag, your valuable cameras, lenses and all the other things you need for your shoot will fit comfortably inside. Each bag is closed with magnets, allowing you instant access to your camera for those moments when you when you encounter the perfect shot. The bags can be opened with one hand, making preparation easy. They are also made from waterproof materials so that your valuables are kept safe. 

What's this? Home Care Goods Within a Stationery Store? 

It's a rare thing to find a stationery store that also sells home care goods. In this space, you'll find items that are designed to make working at home a more pleasurable experience. Products are selected with the theme of "organizing your things and your memories" and are categorized into dining room, kitchen, bathroom, living room, and terrace utensils, each displayed in a manner that recalls scenes from daily life. The results make it easier to envision how you could use each product and allow you to think according to the design of your home. In keeping with the theme of "organizing your memories," they also offer a photo book creation service that allows you to create the perfect organizer for your photos. Don't settle for just your office, now you can enjoy a relaxing working environment among the pleasures of your own home. 

Don't Miss the Colored Paper Artworks!


This 7th floor display of paper color patterns is sure to catch your eye. The space was realized in collaboration with Takeo Mihoncho, a company that specializes in the creation of unique paper color samples. The astonishing variety on display includes more than 1000 unique colors. Find the color that best fits your taste and intended use, or if you have questions, there is an expert concierge waiting nearby to help. You won't find another store anywhere that treats paper with such deserving respect. It may just light your craft spirit ablaze. 

Your Journey Through the World of Crafts Begins Here


This floor has wrapping paper and wrapping tools from around the world. The floor to ceiling selection of colored wrapping paper is sure to bowl you over.  Wrapping itself is a proud art; when giving a present to loved ones, you want the wrapping to be as carefully selected as the gift itself.  There is also a corner offering original wrappings on the spot, so be sure to ask an employee. Even a single sheet of paper can be transformed into wrapping that will exceed your imagination. It's an exciting experience for both presenter and recipient.  

Refine your Senses


One of the first things you will see upon entering the store is this display of colorful greeting card designs. The floor is known by the name "SENSE" and allows you to test your ability to express the feelings of the season through your card. 

When You're Through Shopping, Take a Break at the Stylo Cafe


If you get hungry or crave a coffee break during your shopping, the cafe and restaurant Stylo on the 12th floor is the perfect place to take a breather. While it's of course rare to find a cafe inside a stationery store, there is another aspect here that one will only find at Itoya - the vegetables on the menu are all cultivated from a hydroponic farm on the 11th floor. The cafe's keywords are "comfort" and "recharge". Find "comfort" in salad or comfort foods and recharge from your shopping via a carefully selected menu of dishes.

HP: www.ito-ya.co.jp/about/ (Japanese Only)

Address: 2-7-15, Ginza, Chuo Ward, Tokyo Metroplis  (Google Map)

Ginza Itoya: A Cool Store you'll Want to Visit Again and Again!



Now that you've become acquainted with the charms of Itoya's Ginza branch, it's time to actually make the trip and immerse yourself in the passion and sense that makes it such a special stop. Make sure you have enough time on your hands for a long visit.

To get there, take the A13 exit at the Tokyo Metro Ginza subway station and walk 300 feet down Ginza Dori Avenue in the direction of the Matsuya Department store. The store is easily spotted by its symbol, a large red paperclip.

Hours are as follows: 
Mon~Sat:10 a.m. - 8 p.m.  
Sunday&Holidays:10 a.m. - 7 p.m.  (the 12F Café only is open until 10 p.m. while the last order is taken at 9 p.m.) 

HP: www.ito-ya.co.jp/

HP: www.ito-ya.co.jp/ (Japanese Only)

Address: 2-7-15, Ginza, Chuo Ward, Tokyo Metropolis (Google Map)


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