The Best Hotel and Ryokan Breakfasts in Japan

It's easy to forget to eat a proper breakfast when you're always busy in the morning! That's why it's so wonderful when you're able to take your time and enjoy a delicious, leisurely breakfast while you're on vacation. This article will introduce a selection of accommodation facilities that take pride in their excellent breakfasts!



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1. Chateraise Gateaux Kingdom Sapporo Hotel & Spa Resort (Hokkaido)

Enjoy the harmony of nature in the city of Sapporo at this hotel. Recommendations from the hotel's Energy-Boosting Breakfast Buffet include omelets, which you can see being prepared by chefs, the Hokkaido Vegetable White Pudding Topped with Local Seafood, and the Morning Food Therapy Soup with Rice, which is made based on nutritional principles from Chinese medicine. Make sure to take full advantage of all the healthy options available here!

2. Shiki-kan Saito (Iwate)

Don't miss the breakfast here: it's one you won't find anywhere else! There are special items served in limited quantities each day, such as charcoal-grilled tanpo (miso-flavored skewers), of which only 12 are offered a day, and local eggs from Ludens Farm, of which only 10 are offered per day. There are also a plentiful range of other dishes such as Shiki-kan's signature mushroom hotpot and steamed seasonal vegetables.

3. Shikimitei Fujiya (Tochigi)

Shikimitei Fujiya is an inn with around 1,200 years of history! The breakfast menu includes savory shark fin egg custard made with high-quality dashi (broth) and Nasu-Goyouran brand eggs. The country-style miso soup made with in-house miso paste is also a must-try! This carefully-prepared breakfast is full of the flavors of home cooking. Enjoy the traditional taste of a real Japanese breakfast.

4. Hakone Kamon (Hakone)

The breakfast at Hakone Kamon was once selected as the best in Japan. A wealth of brightly-colored dishes are available for breakfast, including Kamon's specialty Five-Colored Assortment, fresh tofu, five types of grilled fish, a basket assortment, and egg dishes. These wonderful dishes are all designed to help you start your day feeling healthy and full of energy.

5. Kobe Kitano Hotel (Hyogo)

This red brick French-style hotel and restaurant is affiliated with Relais & Châteaux. The restaurant serves a European-style breakfast that has been reviewed as being the best in the world!

Sample the range of carefully-selected ingredients here, including freshly baked bread, financier cakes with the aromatic buttery fragrance and locally-sourced chestnut honey.. 

6. Hotel La Suite Kobe Harborland (Hyogo)

Hotel La Suite Kobe Harborland presents a fantastic oceanfront view of the Port of Kobe. Don't miss a breakfast at Le Pan Kobe Kitano, a bakery and patisserie operated by the hotel. Options include their original bakery set and soup prepared with vegetables grown in Hyogo and Setouchi sea bream. Be sure to try plenty of these luxurious dishes!

7. Shogetsu (Tottori)

Shogetsu's breakfasts are prepared with a commitment to locally produced ingredients, including soybeans from the Kaya district in Yonago, Akadama eggs from Yumigahama, and rice from Hino. These ingredients are transformed into specially-made oboro tofu, dashimaki-style omelets, and glossy bowls of rice. Welcome the start of a fresh new day with a healthy, nourishing meal here.

8. Hotel Obokekyo Mannaka (Tokushima)

With an overlook over the Oboke Gorge, this hotel's signature dish is the Body-Awakening Savory Egg Custard, which is prepared using traditional techniques. Other delicious options include Chirimen-Kugini (small fish boiled in soy sauce) made with fish from Wadajima in Tokushima, unique salted and dried sweetfish, and rice sourced from Miyoshi in Tokushima. Sample the delicious flavor of local ingredients at this hotel.


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*The information in this article is accurate as of Dec. 25, 2018, and may not reflect the current information. 

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