Explore the World's Largest Ninja-themed Complex, Ninja Kyoto (Part 1)

[Local College Students Tell All!] When thinking of Japan, ninjas are what come to mind for many people. Through this article, dive into the ninja-themed entertainment facility, Ninja Kyoto. What sort of place could it be?

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Watch, Eat, and Experience Everything "Ninja"!

First, let’s introduce the concept of this themed complex.

The inside of the facility is divided into five areas: a theater where you can enjoy a live ninja show, a photo studio where you can dress up as a ninja or samurai and get photos taken, a souvenir shop where you can buy ninja goods, a restaurant with outstanding ninja entertainment, and a buffet.

The inside of the complex carries a complete “ninja” atmosphere. The staff members are thoroughly dressed as ninjas to ensure complete immersion into the ninja world! (They can also speak English!)

Next, let’s touch upon Genjutsu Sajiki – the ninja theater where you can watch powerful live shows.

Watch the Powerful Ninja Live Show

Two kinds of shows are performed here: the Kyogoku Ninja Retsuden (performed on Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays) and the Ran Kyoto (performed on Mondays,  Wednesdays, and Fridays). Feel free to enjoy snacks and drinks at your seat while watching.

Kyogoku Ninja Retsuden combines projection mapping with sword dancing, sword fighting, acrobatic dancing, and fire performances. There are moments in the show where audience members can swing swords and take part in the sword fighting experience. There’s not that much dialogue, and what is there is in both Japanese and English, so visitors can follow along easily.

Ran Kyoto is a show that focuses on traditional Japanese music, such as folk songs from all over Japan, including Okinawa. You can even hear traditional Japanese arrangements of anime (Japanese cartoons) songs from series like Neon Genesis Evangelion! Throughout the show, audience members can also get involved by doing things like challenging themselves to play Japanese drums (taiko).

Just Like a Hollywood Movie! Let's Take a Ninja Photoshoot!

Next up is the Sengoku photo studio known as “Mugen Yakata”. Here, you can wear costumes like ninja clothing and armor, and then get your picture taken! It’ll look cool, just like a movie poster. There are about 20 kinds of CG backgrounds that can be added after shooting in chroma key (green screen). Popular backgrounds include a castle, bamboo shoots, and horseback riding. Not only are there several types of costumes, but kids’ sizes are also available.

Photograph prints and data are handed to you after the photo shoot. There are 4 kinds of packages to choose from. The price will change according to factors like the type of costume, the number of photo prints, and presence or absence of background. The most popular package is the "Sengoku Course", which includes things like 3 shots using chroma key and 3 photo prints!

Please make a reservation a day in advance through the official website or by calling them (075-253-0151). Reservations can be made in English.

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Shuriken and Sword Souvenirs at the Ninja Goods Shop

Now that you’re completely immersed in the ninja experience through the ninja show or photo shoot, check out some of the souvenirs at the Ninja Goods Shop!

The one souvenir you have to get is their shuriken (spinning stars)! There are two types available: one is made from safe rubber (154 yen), while the other one is authentic and made of metal (514 yen).

This adorable Ninja Tumbler (278 yen per doll) is also popular! It has a weight at the bottom that allows it to “stand” back up, even if you make it tumble.

Finally, there’s the ever-popular T-shirt (2,700 yen) that is loved by those that don’t want to walk around in fully-fledged ninja clothes.

Besides that, goods such as swords and kunai (a double-edged, knife-like weapon with an elongated shape) are also on sale.

*This place has closed down.


Part 2 will cover the restaurant, where you can experience the world of ninja through food, and the complex’s buffet. Please look forward to it!

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