Ride the White! Experience Snow Drifting in Japan! (Sapporo/Ebetsu, Hokkaido)

Experience snow drifting! Available only during winter!
The city of Ebetsu, located about 45 minutes from Sapporo, is the only place in Japan where you can enjoy a snow drifting experience. This course is on private land, so you don’t need a driver’s license to enjoy it! Use a drone or a Go-Pro to record a one-of-a-kind video of you riding the white! (Please let them know in advance if you’ll be using your own equipment.)
Families can also enjoy this vast space by building an igloo and playing in the snow.

What’s Snow Drifting?!

Snow drifting is a fun activity where you run a course in a four-wheel-drive car with winter tires in the front and summer tires in the back, with the car drifting as you go. You can easily make the back tires drift even without speeding, so it’s easy to enjoy with peace of mind.

Enjoy 20 Minutes Driving Freely + 1 Time Trial Around the Course

You can enjoy 20 minutes of freely drift driving plus one full time-trial run around the course. The Ebetsu circuit is waiting for you to make your snow drifting debut! New 40 and 60-minute courses are also available! Be sure to join in!

Basic Information


From 7,000 yen