[A Highly Acclaimed Program in Kyoto] Experience a Traditional Zashiki Lunch Course with a Maiko

This package presents an opportunity to meet a real maiko (apprentice geisha)! Watch the maiko perform Kyoto-Mai odori (dance) as you enjoy a meal prepared by an established Kyoto ryotei (high-end traditional restaurant) in a zashiki (a room with low tables on tatami flooring)!

A Lavish Lunch with a Maiko

In this cultural experience, you’ll enjoy an extravagant meal while watching the maiko perform Maiko Odori dances!

A Photo Session with the Maiko

You’ll also be able to commemorate the experience by taking a picture with the maiko.

Watch 2 Different Dances

Take in the performance in leisurely fashion as the maiko dances elegantly to two different songs.

Basic Information


From 4,800 yen