[A Highly Acclaimed Program in Kyoto] Experience a Traditional Zashiki Dinner Course with a Maiko

Watch a maiko perform Kyoto-Mai odori (dance) as you enjoy a meal prepared by an established Kyoto ryotei (high-end traditional restaurant) in a zashiki (a room with low tables on tatami flooring)!

A Lavish Dinner with a Maiko

In this cultural experience, you’ll enjoy ryotei (high-end traditional restaurant) cuisine while watching Kyoto-Mai odori, a traditional dance performed by a maiko!

A Photo Session with the Maiko

One of the key attractions of this course is the opportunity to be right next to the maiko!

Watch Two Different Dances

Take in the performance in leisurely fashion as the maiko dances elegantly to two different songs.

Basic Information


From 5,800 yen