Experience a Brewery Tour and Sake Tasting of Over 20 Different Kinds of Sake in Kyoto’s Rich Nature of Kameoka, and the Traditional Sake-Brewing Ward of Fushimi

You’ll visit breweries in Fushimi, known as one of three major sake brewing locales in Japan, and Kameoka, an area endowed with an abundance of nature. Fushimi has a longstanding reputation as a hub of sake production. It's also known alongside Nada and Niigata as one the best places in Japan for sake. Kameoka is referred to by nicknames like the “Inner Parlor of Kyoto” and the “Capital of Mist.” The area produces around 70% of Kyoto yasai (locally grown vegetables). The region's specialties include Kyo-tsukemono (Kyoto-style pickled vegetables) and a luxury red bean called the Tanba Dainagon adzuki bean. The area's soil is nutrient-rich from a time when it formed the bottom of a lake. Because of the surrounding mountains and fresh water, as well as a sufficient variance between hot and cold weather, the quality of the rice used to make sake is said to be optimal for brewing sake.

You’re in Good Hands with a Guide Who's Been a Kyoto Resident for Almost Half a Century

The tour is conducted by a guide who has lived as a resident of Kyoto for nearly 50 years (for over 20 years in Kameoka, and currently living in Arashiyama). You can also enjoy learning about some of the various other attractions of the area, like the local history, in addition to the sake.

As long as you’re still within the duration of the tour, you can be dropped off anywhere in the city of Kyoto.

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From 11,000 yen