Experience the Beauty of a Kyomachiya at Kyoto Usagi no Nedoko: Limited to 1 Group Per Day (Overnight Stay Possible)!

[Local College Students Tell All!] Kyoto's streets are a mix of both tradition and innovation. There are many options for accommodation in this city but this time, get an introduction to Usagi no Nedoko, located just 2 minutes walk from Nishioji Oike Station on the Kyoto City Subway Tozai Line. Not only can you stay in a Kyomachiya built around 80 years ago, it's also a shop and cafe where you can admire specimens that highlight the beauty of nature! Read about the inn, shop and cafe in more detail!

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With bones, minerals and plant specimens on display, this shop is almost like a museum!

An Inn, Shop and Cafe All Rolled Into One! Check Out Usagi no Nedoko!

The owner's great-grandfather was a carpenter specializing in building shrines and temples who built this Kyomachiya (traditional Kyoto town house) for his disciple. After renovation, it was re-opened as Usagi no Nedoko, a shop, inn and cafe with a focus on showcasing the formative beauty of nature.

The shop's name comes from the common name of the Lycopersicon, a type of fern. The Lycopersicon leaves look fluffy and soft, so people in the past probably thought that look like beds for rabbits, giving rise to its common name (Usagi no Nedoko means "rabbit's bed").  Usagi no Nedoko hopes to be like its namesake and provide customers with a comfortable and familiar environment. 

Japanese traditional shop curtains called noren with "Usagi no Nedoko" written on them welcome you at the entrance, leading you into the premises. The shop's logo is designed using the Lycopersicon as a motif.

Limited to 1 Group Per Day - Stay At a Kyomachiya!

Usagi no Nedoko offers accommodation without meals. Here, you can be at ease and enjoy the experience of living in one of Kyoto's iconic Kyomachiya!

Guests will stay on the 2nd floor of the building. It's a simple space where you can feel the charm of a Kyomachiya. You'll have access to a 10m² room and a 7.5m² room.

This is a view of the separate bathroom. Colorful tiles line the wall!

The small window in the bathroom faces the courtyard. Let the greenery in the courtyard heal your mind as you enjoy a nice soak in the bath!

A mini kitchen with microwave and fridge is also provided, and you can also borrow a bicycle for free. Check-in documents are available in English and Chinese (simplified and traditional) too. 

Just Like A Museum?! A Shop Where You Can Purchase Specimens

On the first floor is where you'll find the shop filled with plant, mineral, and animal specimens on display and for sale.

Just look at these sea urchin specimens lined up in neat rows - doesn't it feel just like a museum exhibition? 

You'll find yourself forgetting the time as you browse through the beautiful displays in the shop.

The flagship product is the "Sola Cube" (starting at 2,980 yen plus tax). Inside each 4cm acrylic cube is a specimen of flowers, plants or fruit like dandelions or Japanese larch. With these, you can enjoy the beauty of nature's shapes at any time.

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Let's Enjoy a Cuppa in the Cafe!

The cafe's interiors are mostly in glass and acrylic, giving it a stylish feel. Apart from regular tables, you can also choose to sit in the Japanese style tatami room. Guests who're lodging at the inn get to enjoy 10% off their bill.

The glass tables double up as display cases.

The cafe's menu makes use of minerals as a theme and the dishes are a fun feast for the eyes! The Meteorite Curry (900 yen plus tax) is a recommended dish. This dish was created in the image of tectite, a black mineral that's formed when a meteorite makes impact. Bamboo charcoal powder is added to the rice and black cocoa is added to the curry to create this visually impressive dish. 

Additionally, the Gardenquartz Tiramisu (790 yen plus tax) and other desserts are also very popular.



If you spend some time surrounded by the beauty of the shapes found in nature, wouldn't your sense be heightened? Head to Usagi no Nedoko and make your Kyoto experience a unique one!

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