Don't Miss Your Chance to Party with Polka Dots at the One of the Largest Yayoi Kusama Exhibitions Ever!

Whether you're new to the modern art world or have been a fan of Yayoi Kusama for years, this is an event you can't miss! The biggest exhibition of her work to date is now available to the general public at the National Art Center, Tokyo!

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Fans of celebrated artist Yayoi Kusama should mark their calendars: from February 22 to May 22, the National Art Center in Tokyo will display the largest solo exhibition of Kusama’s work to date!

Posted by 「草間彌生 わが永遠の魂」展 on Sunday, January 22, 2017


“Yayoi Kusama: My Eternal Soul” will offer the first public viewing of the Kusama’s latest work, including approximately 130 large-scale pieces handpicked by the artist herself. It will also feature a retrospective of Kusama’s career, spanning her breakout in the New York art scene in 1957 to her worldwide recognition in the present day.


Posted by 「草間彌生 わが永遠の魂」展 on Tuesday, February 21, 2017


The exhibition will also include multiple opportunities for interaction. Visitors can pose and take photos with a 4.5-meter-tall pumpkin modeled after the famous sculpture in Naoshima or step inside one of Kusama’s infinity mirror rooms and experience being in the midst of the art.



【今日の「オブリタレーションルーム」】2017年2月23日(木)※開館時間前 #草間彌生 #わが永遠の魂

Posted by 「草間彌生 わが永遠の魂」展 on Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Posted by 「草間彌生 わが永遠の魂」展 on Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The "Obliteration Room" is an installation where every guest gets a set of stickers to put wherever they want in a pure white room, first developed in 2002. 

連作「わが永遠の魂」より 《限りない人類愛は全世界を包んでほしい》 2009年 #今日のわがたま #草間彌生

Posted by 「草間彌生 わが永遠の魂」展 on Tuesday, February 21, 2017

"I Hope the Boundless Love for Humanity Will Envelop the Whole World," 2009.


Posted by 「草間彌生 わが永遠の魂」展 on Sunday, January 22, 2017

"Ascension of Polka Dots on the Trees," 2006.

[About Yayoi Kusama]

本日、「草間彌生 わが永遠の魂」の開会式・内覧会でした。草間彌生さんもご出席されました!

Posted by 「草間彌生 わが永遠の魂」展 on Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Yayoi Kusama was born in Matsumoto, Nagano in 1929, and moved to New York in 1957. She joined the pop art movement in the 1960s along with contemporaries like Andy Warhol and George Segal. She is considered one of the most important living Japanese artists and an important voice of the avant-garde. She became the first Japanese woman to receive the Praemium Imperiale, one of Japan's most prestigious prizes for internationally recognized artists.

The only Japanese personage included in TIME’s 2016 list of the 100 most influential people, Kusama has become an international sensation. From 2013 to 2015, her touring exhibition “A Dream I Dreamed” attracted over 1.2 million visitors.

She voluntarily lives at the Seiwa Hospital for the Mentally Ill, and her use of polka dots comes directly from her hallucinations. She has produced paintings, sculptures, installations, films, fashion pieces, performance art pieces, and writing, and continues to be very productive well into her 80s.


[Exhibition Information]

Opening time: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm (until 8:00 pm on Fridays)

*The exhibition will be open every day except on Tuesdays between February 22 and May 22, 2017. It will also be open on Tuesday, May 2.

Venue: The National Art Center of Tokyo, Roppongi (Google Map)

Official Website:

 Visitors can order tickets to the exhibit on Voyagin (Available in English). Get tickets for Yayoi Kusama's art exhibition in Tokyo!

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