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ViVi is a famous fashion magazine which is popular among teenagers and women in their early twenties. For decades now, many Japanese fashoin magazines offer gifts that are often the result of collaborations with famous fashion brands. However, this particular issue offered something special, because it wasn’t a brand they collaborated with, but rather…

Attack on Titan


ViVi collaborated with an internationally popular manga, “Attack on Titan”.  Would a fashion magazine in your country collaborate with a manga?

Model cosplaying as an Attack on Titan character


She is a Japanese fashion model, Triendl Reina. In this issue, Vivi’s models cosplay as the Attack on Titan characters. Did you get who Triendl Reina’s playing?

It’s Armin. Do you think she imitates Armin well?

Check the Attack on Titan’s official web site here.

Attack on Titan: Official Web Site


Levi’s private style book

Have you had any chance to see Levi’s private fashion? You might not have before. But if you buy this ViVi issue, you’ll have a chance to peek at it! This is the first supplement this issue offers. 


ViVi’s collaboration doesn’t stop just with Attack on Titan. The second ViVi collaborator is a Japanese casual fashion brand, BEAMS.


BEAMS is a very successful fashion brand and is now gradually getting popular abroad too.  How stylish and trendy is BEAMS? Check out the official site and have a look at their stylish items. They currently don’t have an English site, but because of their growing popularity, they might set one up in a few years. 

BEAMS Official site

ViVi × Attack on Titan × BEAMS


Look at this amazing collaboration of ViVI, Attack on Titan, and BEAMS on a bag. This stunning lineup of a popular magazine like ViVi, a worldwide famous manga like Attack on Titan, and a popular fashion brand like BEAMS, could never be realized again.

By the way, what do you think about having items with manga characters printed on it to use in your daily life? In Japan, it’s not that fashionable even though almost everyone loves manga. It might make people think you’re a big geek.

Japanese girls’ reaction


How did fashionable Japanese girls react? What did they actually think about the bag?

“I’m so excited to finally get this bag! But I hesitated to take it outside, so I always kept my hands on it to cover the character or I only used the other side where the BEAMS logo is printed. I’m such a chicken!  


I love Levi, yes I love him so madly, he is badly handsome , yes…but I’m not sure if I’m courageous enough to use it, lol. I will show people the BEAMS logo, instead of Levi…lol


I bought ViVi only for this bag. I bought it though normally I don’t read ViVi, so I really want to use this bag!! I wanna put something in it!! How can I use it? Levi is one of the top3 princes to me.


Apparently girls are too shy to carry this bag with has a manga character printed on it, but girls are crazy for Levi. That’s why they can’t help but buy this ViVi issue! If you were in Japan, would you hesitate to carry this bag? 

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