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1. Tsutenkaku

Osaka-ish skyscraper

To the south of Osaka, there stands Tsutenkaku towering over Shinsekai.
A recommended spot that lets you relish an Osaka-ish mood.

In front of Tsutenkaku, there lies Japanese deep-fried kebab shops.

A great many Japanese deep-fried kebab shops line up in the “Shinsekai” neighborhood in front of Tsutenkaku.

It is ironic that Shinsekai, which means new world, is actually an old neighbourhood in Osaka

Although its name means ‘New World’, this is a shopping district established and continued since Taisho era.

2. Umeda Sky Building

A tourist attraction well known to foreign tourists

It’s Osaka’s landmark famous for its unique shape.

Amazing 360 views of Osaka

From the floating garden observatory on the rooftop, you can take in the whole of Osaka in one fell swoop.

In the basement of the tower, there is an alley where you can find many retro-style restaurants serving delicious food.

You can find many retro shops and fancy restaurants in this alley, including the famous okonomiyaki restaurant “Kiji”.

Their mixed okonomiyaki are an unique dish you have to try!

It’s a popular restaurant even among the locals.

Great okonomiyaki, worth finding!

The Okonomiyaki “Kiji” is worth visiting along with the observatory.

3. Abe no Harukas

It is the highest building in Japan, expected to be grand open in March 2014.

Exceeding Yokohama Landmark Tower at 296 meters high, it will be the highest building in Japan.

It is located near Shitennoji, the oldest Buddhist temple in Japan.

There is a very lively festival every 21st and 22nd day of the month.

4. Tempozan Ferris Wheel

It’s one of world’s largest Ferris wheels. It’s 112.5m high.

It’s a Ferris wheel that towers over Japan’s smallest mountain, Tempozan. There’s a marketplace right beside it so you can have fun here all day long.

It’s temporarily closed due to repair works until spring!

It will be closed from the 1st of January to the 20th of April 2014 due to repairs. It seems we will be able to enjoy the view from it again during Golden Week.

We also recommend visiting Japan’s lowest mountain.

Tempozan. The Tempozan park is located right to the north of the wheel.

On the north of the Ferris wheel, there is the lowest mountain in Japan, Tenpozan Park.

The mountain’s “peak” is 4.53 meters above sea level.

Being 4.53 meters, it’s a lot lower than the Ferris wheel!

You can’t miss the aquarium.

Extremely popular among tourists, one of the largest aquarium in the world attracts visitors from Japan and overseas.

5. Osaka Prefectural Government Sakishima Building

This prefectural government building has an observation deck.

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