Enjoy Okinawa to the Maximum - 12 Guesthouses You Should Check Out!

How about staying in a guesthouse to maximize your Okinawa experience? Resorts are awesome but how about soaking yourself in the local atmosphere that's present in guesthouses? Check out these 12 carefully selected guesthouses located on the main island that are sure to impress.



1. Stay Cool in the Summer! - CamCam Okinawa

Beat the Okinawan summer heat at the CamCam Okinawa! The guesthouse offers free air-conditioning 24 hours - a godsend given that summer continues till October in Okinawa. The CamCam Okinawa has many other charms as well so be sure to experience it yourself!

The guesthouse is conveniently located right in front of Miebashi Station and offers a women's floor so even single female travelers can feel at ease. What's more, it's incredibly reasonably priced with rates starting from just 800 yen! It's the perfect choice if you're looking to keep your accommodation costs low.

2. Get an Authentic Asian Resort Experience! - Lohas Villa

Just 10 minutes walk from Kokusai-dori, the Lohas Villa is a guesthouse that's popular with female guests. It's a good base for sightseeing or for a business trip. Why don't you relax and enjoy the Okinawan life while staying at the Lohas Villa?

The rooms have a calm atmosphere and will remind you of Asian resorts. From rooms with canopy beds to ones with large TVs, you'll find that there's plenty to choose from. You'll also have access to a host of trendy amenities.  

The beautiful interiors of the guesthouse are welcoming and uniquely Okinawan! It's open to both male and female guests so do try it out when you visit.

3. The Largest Guesthouse in Okinawa - Okinawa Guesthouse Grand Naha

Opened in 2015, the Okinawa Guesthouse Grand Naha is the largest in the prefecture and looks fashionable both on the inside and outside. Be wowed by the hotel-level service and hospitality that will greet you here!

There is a wide variety of room types, from dormitories, unisex rooms, women-only rooms and Japanese style rooms. There's no doubt that you will be able to recharge in your own private space after a long day outside!

The guesthouse is also well-known for its great facilities! You'll have access to a common lounge, library space, common terrace, coin laundry, luggage storage and more.

4. Recommended for Guesthouse Newbies! - Guesthouse Okinawa Monogatari

Guesthouse Okinawa Monogatari is just 1 minute's walk from Makishi Station. This means that the Sakae-machi Market, Kokusai-dori and Shintoshin area are all easily accessible.  The wooden furnishing in the dormitories creative a warm and cozy environment that travelers will appreciate. The service is also great, so you can have peace of mind when you lodge at this guesthouse.

*This place has closed down.

There are 3 types of private rooms which can accommodate 1 to 4 people each. These are perfect for individual travelers or students on trips. You can pick from Japanese style or Western style rooms.

5. Rent a Whole House - Amakara Okinawa

You'll find Amakara Okinawa in Nago-shi by the Hanejinaikai Sea. It's a small inn and guesthouse but you can rent the entire house so it's highly recommended for groups or families.

The 3 types of rooms will cater to single travelers and even families. You can check in after hours so you can feel at ease to explore the lovely Nago area!

There's even space for barbecues so feel free to check with the staff if you'd like to use it!

6. A Guesthouse that Feels Just Like Home - Sora House

Located right in the heart of Naha City in Okinawa, Sora House is a guesthouse that feels just like home. Its Kumoji city center location means that you'll be able to easily access convenience stores, the ferry terminal, Kokusai-dori and more.

Located on the 3rd floor of a small building, the amenities include a kitchen with induction stove and an open living room. Since wireless internet is available in all rooms, it's even suitable for business travelers.

The rooms are dormitory style with bunk beds. There are also private rooms and large rooms so there's something for both solo travelers and groups!

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7. Get a Taste of America - Minshuku Okinawa Jikan

Minshuku Okinawa Jikan is a minute's walk from Nago Bus Terminal and just 5 minutes walk from 21 Seikinomori Beach. The Western style furniture and interior makes it feel almost like an American home.  With its proximity to the beach and the quiet surroundings, this guesthouse is a hit with foreign visitors!

Since the rooms are quite big, it's very suitable for families or groups of friends. The kitchen is stocked with cooking utensils so you can even look at hosting parties or other activities here apart from using it as accommodation.

8. Experience a Different Lifestyle in the Heart of Kouri Island! - Guesthouse TERUYA

Why don't you experience a different lifestyle by staying at Guesthouse TERUYA, located in the heart of Kouri Island where you can enjoy views of both the beautiful sea and mesmerizing sunsets? Your stay in this guesthouse with its uniquely Okinawan red roof tiles is bound to become an unforgettable memory.

Guesthouse TERUYA is an individual house, so it's recommended for families and groups. You can enjoy barbecues and swimming in the sea which means you'll get to fully enjoy Okinawa. The guesthouse is especially popular in summer so be sure to make your reservations early!

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9. A Guesthouse Standing on Maeda Cape - Akachichi Guesthouse

The Akachihi Guesthouse is just 5 minutes walk from Maeda Cape (also known as the Blue Grotto). The guesthouse is also near to diving spots, making it a great choice for people who love the outdoors. The place is owned by a very kind couple, so first time visitors to Okinawa can feel at ease in this guesthouse. You can also have great conversations with the owners who love Okinawa!

The guesthouse is limited to 2 bookings in a day so you can fully enjoy your stay in Okinawa. The rooms are fashionably decorated and feel like a resort. You'll be able to enjoy your privacy here so be sure to try this guesthouse!

10. Reasonably Priced Guesthouse for Your Okinawa Trip - Nakijin Guesthouse Musubiya

The beautiful blue sea is right before your eyes! The beach is just 100m away! If this sounds like something you can get only at a resort, you'll be pleasantly surprised by Nakijin Guesthouse Musubiya. It's a place where you will feel at ease even if it's your very first stay in a guesthouse - the staff will welcome you warmly.

There is a variety of room types from dormitories to private rooms so singles, families and couples will all be able to find something that suits their needs. There are even kids rooms so families traveling with children can use this guesthouse with no problems.

You can experience the beautiful night sky and Okinawa's nature from the terrace or lawn!

11. A Guesthouse Well-Known for Having Many Repeated Guests - Little Asia

Little Asia is an established guesthouse with 15 years history that's located just 5 minutes walk from Kokusai-dori. As it's located in Naha's city center, the guesthouse also offers rental car pick up/drop off services as well as pick up/drop off services to diving spots and shopping areas.

You can pick from dormitories, private rooms or private twin rooms. The guesthouse is full of local Okinawan charm which makes it especially popular among foreign visitors! The service is great as well so there's a large number of repeat guests.

Additionally, the prices are very reasonable so it's good for longer stays as well! Be sure to use it as your base for sightseeing in Okinawa!

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12. A Guesthouse Full of International Flavor - Okinawa Guesthouse Kerama

Okinawa Guesthouse Kerama is located 2 minutes walk from Tomari Port, within the Naha city center. It's near to Kokusai-dori, Matsuyama-dori and near to transport options to get to the remote islands so its location is excellent.

You'll have a choice of private rooms or bed type accommodation here. It's an established guesthouse with great atmosphere. A mix of Okinawan locals, local tourists and foreigners can be seen at this guesthouse so you might find opportunity for interesting cultural exchanges! If you're looking for a guesthouse in Okinawa then be sure to have Okinawa Guesthouse Kerama in your list! 

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The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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