In-Station Shopping Complex "Ecute" Holds the Popular Hokkaido Fair!

Ecute is a shopping complex that can be found within many terminal stations in the metropolitan area, including Tokyo Station. Due to their prime locations, it is possible for people to visit these shops even if they do not have a lot of time to spare. This year, the Natsukita 2018 Hokkaido Fair, featuring various popular delicacies from Hokkaido, will be held from July 2 - July 22. Do check out this event, as you can also find limited-edition products that are available exclusively at each Ecute outlet!



What is Ecute?

Ecute is a shopping complex located within the station building of terminal stations, mainly in Tokyo and its surrounding areas. Ecute offers a selection of different shops, each with their unique charms. Their locations mean that they are easy to access, even if you are running short on time. Be sure to check out Ecute when you are at train stations such as Tokyo, Shinagawa, Ueno, Nippori, Tachikawa, or Omiya!

* The above photo is of Ecute Omiya, which is currently being renovated and will reopen on July 18, 2018.

Ecute Tokyo

At the center of Tokyo lies the huge terminal building of Tokyo Station. Besides shinkansen (bullet trains), there are many other train lines that run through here. The Ecute outlet here is very accessible and convenient to visit before embarking on your journey!

* Tarte au Melon

This extravagant tart uses a lot of Raiden melon from Hokkaido, which goes well with the refreshing yoghurt cream!

* Available exclusively at Ecute Tokyo

* Haskap Daifuku

This daifuku (round rice cake with sweet bean jam) uses haskap berry, which is only grown in Hokkaido. The combination of the sweet and sour puree with the mildly sweet white bean paste creates an exquisite treat.

* Available exclusively at Ecute Tokyo

* Hokkaido Cheese Anpan

This anpan (bread filled with red bean jam) uses a generous amount of cream cheese made with 100% Hokkaido-produced milk. Adding red beans, which are also from Hokkaido, creates a product that has a perfect balance between the two elements. Make sure to give it a try!

* Available exclusively at Ecute Tokyo

Ecute Shinagawa

This terminal station is frequently used by many people. Here, you can take the Tokaido Shinkansen and the Keikyu Line bound for Haneda Airport, as well as transfer to lines like the Yamanote Line. Besides Ecute, there are also many other restaurants that can be found within the station.


* Hotate Inari

The inari (deep-fried tofu) used in this dish is boiled in a sweet soy sauce before being filled with sushi rice and 2 large Hokkaido scallops. This extravagantly portioned dish is bound to satisfy you!

* Available exclusively at Ecute Shinagawa

* Lavender Honey Savarin

This savarin with a tinge of Grand Marnier has a lavender honey topping. It is served up in a typical Hokkaido style with a cute bee on top.

* Available exclusively at Ecute Shinagawa

* Hokkaido Grilled Corn & Butter Croquette

Each of these fragrant croquettes are handmade one by one at the shop’s kitchen. They are filled with grilled corn and rich Hokkaido butter.


Ecute Ueno

Ueno is a particularly convenient terminal station that’s perfect for tourists. You’ll find popular sightseeing spots like Ameya Yokocho nearby, so why not swing by on your way home after a day out?


* Hokkai-don

This luxurious seafood rice bowl contains generous portions of seafood from Hokkaido, such as botan shrimp, raw scallop, surume squid, crab, and salmon roe.

* Available exclusively at Ecute Ueno and limited to 10 packs per day

* Hokkaido Cheese Cream Eclair

Lemon-flavored cheese cream made from Hokkaido cheese and freshly-made custard cream are sandwiched between the eclairs.

* Available exclusively at Ecute Ueno and limited to 30 pieces per day

Other Ecute Stores

* Sandwich With Corned Beef & Hokkaido Danshaku Potato (Ecute Nippori)

Fresh Danshaku potatoes from Hokkaido are added to the flavorful corned beef in this delicious sandwich. Given its substantial portion and low price, you shouldn't miss out on this great deal!

* Available exclusively at Ecute Nippori

* Aimori Buta-don (Ecute Tachikawa)

This buta-don (pork rice bowl) contains the loin and boned rib cuts of a brand of pork called “Sangenton”. This is grilled in the Tokachi region's unique, thick sweet soy sauce. Even if the type of pork is the same, the taste and texture will differ depending on the cut, making it worth a try!

* Available exclusively at Ecute Tachikawa

* Tai-gashi Hokkaido Blueberry Cream Cheese (Ecute Omiya)

This taiyaki (fish-shaped pancake) contains rich cream cheese from Hokkaido, along with a blend of red bean paste and blueberry jam (pulp included). Enjoy the refreshingly sour taste of the blueberries with the flavorsome cream cheese!

* Available exclusively at Ecute Omiya and only available in limited quantities


There are many other delicacies from Hokkaido that haven't been introduced here, so why not check them out at Ecute's Hokkaido Fair? Since quantities are limited, be sure to visit the fair soon!

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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