Double Maison: Modernly arranged Kimono of Japan

Kimono is a clothing tradition of Japan. However, nowadays chances to wear kimono is rare and the tradition of kimono is fading away from the everyday lives of Japanese people. Meanwhile, a brand arranging kimono into a modern and stylish clothing, is attracting attention.


Japanese Culture

In modern day Japan, few people wear kimono on a daily basis and opportunities to wear kimonos have decreased.

Kimono has long been a traditional culture of Japan, but nowadays, kimono has become a luxury item. Also as dressing kimono is very difficult, it is fading away from our daily lives.

However, recently a kimono brand has been drawing great attention. Arranged in a contemporary style, the kimono can once again be worn in a simple, stylish manner.

The brand is called "Double Maison". Their concept is to be free from the border set between clothes and kimono and to consider both clothes and kimono as a type of "outfit". This enables them to realise designs that are unconstrained by traditional rules and to acheive a lively, dynamic style.

Its designs all appeal to girls and triggers a feeling of excitement. Also, not only the kimono, but the accesories that go with it is very pretty.  

For example, this checkered kimono.

Because of its sober but sweet design,  you can wear this to wedding ceremonies or parties without hesitation.


An elegant kimono together with a butterfly motif broach adds a hint of sweetness in your style.  


Also, tying the obi, a sash worn with a kimono, is difficult, but with this ribbon, the troublesome process can be abbreviated.


Also, there are many different types of original kimonos.

 For example, these lace-made kimonos.




ちょっとレトロな風合いのこんなお着物。Or these retro inspired kimonos.


The price is reasonable compared to traditional kimonos and the fabric is easy to take care of.

Also, there are newly designed tabis, which are like socks  to wear with kimonos that are traditionally white, such as this dot-patterned tabi. 


Like this tabi with a stripe-pattern lining, there are so many types of  lovely accesories that tickles girls' minds.


This all-lace handbag is one of the pretty  accesories that can be used in many different situations.


Double Maison, a brand transcending the limitations of traditional Japanese kimonos, has established a new style of modern kimono.


The official homepage address is

There are many types of western style kimonos, so westerners can also comfortably enjoy Japanese culture.

There are some aspects that should not be changed in traditional culture.  However, like Double Maison, arranging it modernly, leaving the basis of kimono, will positively develop the Japanese culture of kimono.

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