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We see many beautiful, skinny, fashion models in magazines or fashion shows. And, of course, there are a lot of girls who try to lose weight to be like those fashion models.
Many girls think that it is necessary to be skinny in order to be beautiful and popular.
But this way of thinking is starting to change in Japan.
These days, girls who are more fleshed out have become popular among girls and boys!
They are nicknamed “Marshmallow girls” and they realized that they do not have to worry about their figure to enjoy dressing well or dating boys.They are also interested in beauty and tend to dress up in girlish clothes.
Let’s check out those marshmallow girls!

The originator of marshmallow girls’ magazine, la farfa

This “la farfa” is the magazine which created and popularized the word “Marshmallow girl”.
Models in this magazine are not skinny models…they are all marshmallow girls. They provide fashion advice to allow marshmallow girls to be proud in their skin.

Goto Seina, A charisma of marshmallow girls

Goto Seina, a main model of la farfa magazine, is a kind of leader of marshmallow girls. Her height is 158cm and weight is 85kg!
She is very popular among both girls and boys and we can say she leads the culture of marshmallow girls.
Her fashion is girlish and cute, so many girls try to dress up like her.

Miura Asami, the most popular female announcer

In Japan, the most popular announcer ranking is given every yaer. Miura Asami, who has a nice marshmallow body, was chosen as No.1 last year. She is very popular among a wide generation thanks to her friendly atmosphere and personality. She often is seen eating something on TV!

Fashion Brand for marshmallow girls

There are many fashion brands for marshmalllow girls. Among them, the most popular must be “MONSTER DROPS”.


The consept of this fashion brand is “All girls are cute.”
A famous stylist started this brand and became very popular.
They suggest fashion to make every girl happy, both mentally and physically!

Of course there are pros and cons to this boom. But, thanks to this, more girls are able to feel confident about their bodies and do not need to chase after the impossible perfection of the typical skinny fashion model. I think it is a very positive development in Japan.

Do you like marshmallow girls?

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