Don't Miss This! The Much-Talked-About Ladies-Only Capsule Hotel Nadeshiko Hotel Shibuya

This ladies-only capsule hotel offering different varieties of Japanese culture experience was opened only a year ago! With 80% of its guests coming from abroad. It has become quite a hot topic in the area. Its built-in costume service is also a great place to get up-close-and-personal with Japanese tradition. All staff at the hotel speak English (and some also speak Chinese), meaning that it's only going to get more popular as time goes on! Make sure to book your stay now.

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Nadeshiko Hotel Shibuya

Nadeshiko Hotel Shibuya is a ladies-only hotel marketed toward international tourists. It is located in a quiet corner of the Shibuya area, only a few minutes' walk from the station. Rates are as reasonable as one can expect from a capsule hotel, while the high-quality service is on the level of a ryokan (traditional Japanese inn). You'll even find a kimono-clad okami (female ryokan owner) waiting to receive you as you arrive. 

The building features four stories above ground and one below, with great Japanese service at all turns! It's become a particular point of interest among tourists and they estimate that approximately 80 percent of their guests come from abroad. Not only that, but all staff at the hotel speak English. Below are different ways, organized by floor, that Nadeshiko Hotel Shibuya can give you a true Japanese cultural experience.

Floor 3/4

The interior of the hotel is designed with Japanese history and tradition in mind, complete with bamboo decorations that give the space a stylish, pristine atmosphere. Floors 3 and 4 house the lodging capsules. Floor 3 has two wings, each with space for up to six people, while floor 4 (pictured above) has one wing with space for up to 12. You can even reserve the entire floor for a single group! It's also common for families or friends to rent a wing together, so you can enjoy your stay knowing you're in a private and secure environment. 

The sleeping capsules are equipped with a bed so soft, you'll feel like you've been enveloped in a cocoon. They are approximately 1m wide, 2m deep, and 1m tall, making them bigger than you might think, as well as comfortable and private. The sides of the bed are fit with an LED light, an electrical outlet, and a box for small items that includes an alarm. You can do just about anything you like within this small area and in complete comfort. 

Floor 2

The second floor houses a large sento (bathhouse) of the kind that is a rare find in the city. On the walls, you'll see a dynamic painting of a red Mt. Fuji! This entire space was designed by Mizuki Tanaka, one of the last three remaining traditional sento designers and you'll particularly enjoy the cypress wood and earthenware bathtubs. The baths are free for use to guests so you can go in and out any time you like! Be sure to rest up from your travels here! 

Besides a great place to sleep and relax, Nadeshiko Hotel Shibuya also loans out cute original yukata, tabi socks, and sandals for use inside the hotel. They are free of charge and you can select your preferred design. They even have purses and amenities with traditional Japanese patterns. On the floor with the bathhouse, you'll find a tatami lounge with similar traditional character, as well as Japanese snacks and tea. There are computers in the lounge too, so why not relax in a yukata and plan your next day's schedule in comfort? 

Floor 1

The first floor of the hotel houses the restaurant Oishi Komachi Shinsen. It's a casual space with modern Japanese style. Serving lunch and dinner, the restaurant seats all comers, including men and people who are not hotel guests. Not only that, but just like the lodging space, all the staff speak English. Many even speak Chinese! 

The photo above is of the restaurant's Simmered Beef Curry and Rice (800 yen) . This Japanese-style black curry is served with marinated Wagyu beef and deep fried vegetables as toppings. The steak has been shed of extra fat before marinating so it won't feel too oily. It's also available for take out. 

At night, the restaurant transforms into a traditional izakaya (Japanese gastropub). In summer, guests are treated to a special beer fair and the decorations change as well. The menu has Japanese cuisine with specially selected ingredients and the dishes switch every three months to take advantage of seasonal crops. In the photo above, you can see just one of these recommended dishes, rolled roast beef and sea urchin (1,000 yen). There is a wide variety of other dishes, all made from the best and costing a reasonable 500 yen (except for the kushiage skewer set for 800 yen)! Flavors are natural and low on oil and sodium. As for wines, beer, and sake, ask the staff and they'll happily recommend the best drinks for your dish! You should definitely try the craft beer and sake tasting sets, each with three different varieties for you to compare. 

Floor B1

The hotel's first floor basement offers a kimono rental space complete with a photo studio (advance reservations required) . Walking around the Shibuya area in a kimono is sure to be a great memory! Why not take a commemorative shot to take home with you?

All in all,  it's a great way to experience the depth of Japanese culture first hand.

Nadeshiko Hotel Shibuya is a lodging space unlike any before, designed for international tourists and offering several floors of Japanese tradition and hospitality. If you're looking for a safe, comfortable place to stay that still offers exposure to Japanese culture, Nadeshiko Hotel Shibuya is for you! Ladies, be sure to give it a try and have the ultimate capsule hotel experience!

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