Eat, Enjoy, and Be Entertained by this DIY Sushi Candy Kit!

DIY candy kits are the perfect activity for children... and adults! While the finished products are visually impressive, you will also be pleasantly surprised by the flavor. These will make perfect souvenirs to pick up and take home with you during your next trip to Japan, so keep reading to find out more!


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What is DIY Candy?

DIY candy kits are popular treats in Japan that are even used as educational tools for small children in order to develop their creativity and fine motor skills. The technology was developed by the company Kracie in 1978, and since then, they have released a huge line of DIY candy products - including ramen, ice cream, takoyaki (octopus balls), crepes, and more - in a variety of candy flavors such as grape.

This time, we tried out the DIY Candy Sushi Kit!

"Tanoshi Osushiya-san" Sushi-Making Kit

This is what the contents look like! The only thing you will have to prepare is some water (top left).

Please check Kracie's official website if you have any questions or concerns about the DIY Sushi Candy Kit, as they have descriptions and videos in English, Chinese, and Korean, in addition to Japanese.

How to Make It

Cut the Bag

Open the plastic packet with some scissors and take out all the contents. Spread out the outer plastic wrapping to make a workspace to make your sushi!

Make the Rice

Pour water in the oval-shaped container "1" up to the limit line marked inside. Then, add the "rice-making powder" and mix with a spoon until it looks like rice.

Make the Sushi Toppings (Tuna and Egg Roll)

Next, make the toppings for the sushi. Fill the two long, rectangular containers with water up to the designated line, then add the yellow powder to the container with the swirl shape and the red powder to the container with the wavy lines. Mix each thoroughly with a spoon, then wait at least 3 minutes for the mixtures to set.

Make the Nori (Seaweed)

Spread out the soft black candy on the outer plastic wrapping, using the visual guide printed on the wrapping to make it the right size.

Make the Ikura (Salmon Eggs)

First, put water into the containers marked "A" and "B", filling to the designated line. Then, add the "salmon eggs-making powder A" to the "A" container and mix with a spoon until the mixture dissolves. Do the same with the "salmon eggs-making powder B" in the "B" container.

Use the dropper to suck liquid "B" up and then drop it softly into container "A", one drop at a time from about 3cm above the surface, to form individual salmon eggs.

It's like magic!

Form the Sushi

Form some of the rice into a ball, wrap it with the nori, and then top with salmon eggs. You've finished the first piece!

Cut the tuna and egg roll in half and then flip them over the rice balls to make tuna and egg roll sushi! Then, take the remaining tuna, egg roll, and ikura to make the last piece.

Make the Soy Sauce

Fill the dropper halfway with water and then add the water to container "1". Next, add the "soy sauce-making powder" and mix. Add this to the sushi when you eat it!

Plate it Up

Since you went to all the effort of making all this sushi candy, you may as well plate it up as attractively as possible and make it look like the real thing!

Give it a Taste!

Surely at this point, you're wondering how this sushi candy actually tastes! Does it taste like sushi? Does it taste like candy? There's a full report in the video at the top of the page, so please give it a look!

Next time you're in Japan, you should definitely give some DIY candy kits a try! Other than sushi, there are plenty of other flavors to try, from burgers to festival food and ramen!

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