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Are those what I think they are?

Yes, those lamps are jellyfish, and you should expect nothing less. I think that Chiba’s Disney Sea, just a short train-ride from Narita Airport or Tokyo proper, would have made Walt proud! There’s some sea-themed cheese here, but this park is actually great for a romantic date.

It’s like Italy, only with hidden Mickeys everywhere

There’s something charming in all the Mickey-less detail that goes into this, so that you can almost forget you’re at a Disney Park. Heck, you might forget you’re in Japan! The whole thing is a fusion of old Europe and turn-of-the century America. I’d recommend buying a night pass (otherwise known as the “After 6” ticket) just to soak in the evening ambiance and take a stroll.

This would be great without the other people

There’s even something for people who like to take boat rides under quaint bridges but don’t have the time to jet to Italy whilst in Japan. Boat-dudes with hats row for you, so it’s literally no sweat.

I love listening to the people scream…is that weird?

But look closely, and you will see that not everything is charm and carefree boat trips. This hotel may blend with the scenery, but inside it’s cursed. Don’t take the elevator–that is, unless you don’t mind being dropped down a haunted elevator shaft and into the screaming unknown. What do you expect, it’s The Tower of Terror!

Mind if I climb to the top?

You might also be surprised to see this ancient temple angling toward the sky…don’t be! It’s just your ticket to adventure.

“Where’s Indy? I wanna go home.”

My favorite ride in that section of the park is, of course, the Indiana Jones Adventure. Call me old-fashioned if you dare, but it’s good, wet fun that takes me back to my childhood watching those movies for the first time (yes, when they first came out, dammit!). The super-real Japanese-speaking Indy-Robot does throw me off a bit, but it’s all good. I always have my head down in the pictures, ’cause I’m a wuss.

This thing against a giant sea monster?!

Like, I’m sure they would MARK the center for us!

There’s also a Jules Verne section where you can live out some of the French author’s greatest works, like 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Journey to the Center of the Earth. These rides are really well done, and if they don’t inspire you to go read up on him, I don’t know what will.

Aaaand…back to romantic stuff.

When you’re done with all that strolling and riding, you may want to get a bit to eat. The food, from standard American fare to Japanese or ethnic, is surprisingly tasty here.

The live show is pretty amazing

Then finish your night by taking in the spectacular water show, where holograms are projected onto fountains and other objects in a visually arresting spectacle.

The Disney Sea Mascot…is a bear. But why?!

Finally, swing by the gift shop and pick up a bear…if you absolutely must.

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