Discover the Beauty of Rock and Surprise: 10 Selected Geo Spots in Japan

The landscapes of rocks made by the crust change and the weather tell us the greatness of the nature. Let me introduce the attractions surrounding rocks in Japan! Please enjoy magnificent landscapes made by nature over time which continues to change.

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1. Okama: Lake at the Crater in Five Colors  [Miyagi] 

This is a circular crater lake surrounded by Zao mountain range; Kattadake, Kumanodake and Goshikidake. It was named "Okama" because its shape is like okama(pot). It is also called "Goshikiko (Five-colored lake) because it is seen in different colors depending on the sunlight emission. Please visit it to see its figure of standing silently!


Address: Zao-cho, Katta-gun, Miyagi Prefecture (Google Map)

2. Onioshidashien: The Lava Chilled in a Moment is Like Another World [Gunma]  

A lot of rocks in "Onioshidashien" was made of lava which flew out from the eruption of Mt. Asama in 1783, and solidified in a short period of time. Currently it is maintained as a park by a private hotel company. When you go to Karuizawa, which is Japan's leading resort, please visit it. Admission is from 500 yen for adult.

HP: (Japanese Only)

Address: 1053, Kamahara, Tsumagoi-mura, Agatsuma-gun, Gunma Prefecture  (Google Map)

3. Senjojiki Carl: Traces of the Glacier of 20,000 Years Ago [Nagano]  

"Carl" is a bowl-shape of terrain that was shaved off by the ice of the ice age. "Senjojiki Carl" was made about 20,000 years ago. It is over 2,500 meters high, and snow remains even in summer. Please feel free to visit it because you can go there by areal tramway from the foot!

HP: (Japanese Only)

Address: Komagane-shi, Nagano Prefecture (Google Map)

4. Meotoiwa: Spiritual Spot to See the Sunrise [Mie]  

Meotoiwa is located in the Ise-Shima area of Mie Prefecture. Two rocks are floating side by side on the sea, tied to each other with a rope. In the offshore, there is a rock with the size of over 100 meter, called "Okitama Shinseki" and people say that gods will land on it. This rock and the Torii worshipping the sunrise are called "Meotoiwa." If you are lucky, you may be able to see Mt. Fuji floating in the morning sun, several hundred kilometers away!

HP: (Japanese Only)

Address: Futamicho-e, Ise-shi, Mie Prefecture (Google Map)

5. Tojinbo: Breathtaking Cliff  [Fukui] 


M Reza Faisal/Flickr

Tojinbo in Fukui Prefecture is a coastline where rocks facing the Sea of Japan create cliffs. Standing on top of the cliff, you will freeze with fear. This will become your unforgettable memory. This area is rich in various seafood, so please enjoy fresh seafood when you go to Tojinbo!

The raging waves of the Sea of Japan hammer the cliffs in an exciting way! Designated as a natural treasure, the rugged cliffs of Tojinbo extend for 1 kilometer. You can also take a boat ride to enjoy the up-close view of Lion Rock and Candle Rock.

HP: (Japanese Only)

Address: Tojinbo, Mikuni-cho, Sakai-shi, Fukui Prefecture (Google Map)

6.  Sanbutsuji Temple: Train yourself in an isolated place from the world [Tottori] 

Sanbutsuji Temple in Tottori Prefecture is a mountain temple in a precinct of Mt. Mitoku whose altitude is 900 meters. Its deep hall, "Nageiredo" was built on a depressed area of a vertically-cut cliff of the hillside of Mt. Mitosku. It was constructed in a unique way which cannot be seen in other temples, and therefore it was designated as a national treasure. If you want to got to Nageiredo, you need to wear climbing clothes, and have equipment of mountain climbing. At the starting point of the mountain, you will be checked if you have equipment of mountain climbing. How about experiencing the tough training of the old days by climbing this steep mountain?

HP: (Japanese Only)

Address: 1010, Mitoku, Misaki-cho, Tohaku-gun, Tottori Prefecture (Google Map)

7. Oboke Gorge: Going Down Through a Row of Rocks by Boat [Tokushima] 

"Oboke Gorge" is a gorge sandwiching Yoshino River that flows through Tokushima Prefecture. You can see sheer cliffs and huge rocks continuously. Going down the river while watching the both sides is its attraction. Rafting in the rapid current is also popular recently. There area hotels on the cliff, giving hot springs. How about staying at a hotel to enjoy views from the room and taking a hot spring bath? 


HP: (Chinese)

Address: Soya Onsenkyo, Oboke, Tokushima Prefecture (Google Map)

8. Akiyoshido Cave: The Largest Limestone Cave in Asia [Yamaguchi]

"Akiyoshido Cave" in Yamaguchi Prefecture is a limestone cave with the scale. It is one of the best caves in Asia. As a tourist, you can go into 1 kilometer from the entrance, but the total extension of the cave is about 10 kilometers. The widest area has the width of about 200 meters, and the highest point has the height of about 80 meters. The temperature inside is 17 degrees Celsius all through the year. In winter you feel warm, and in summer, you need a jacket! Admission is 1,200 yen for adults.


HP: (Chinese)

Address: Akiyoshi, Shuho-cho, Mine-shi, Yamaguchi Prefecture (Google Map)

9. Harajiri Waterfall: Walk on Quiet Plains, and a Waterfall Appears Suddenly [Yamaguchi] 

"Harajiri Waterfall" is 120 meters wide and 20 meters high, located in Oita Prefecture. Just above the waterfall, there is a bridge, which you can walk on if there is not large quantity of water. There are shrines on the right bank and left bank, and there is a torii in the river as the "Road of the God" connecting them. Please visit the spot where nature and culture are blended!

HP: (Japanese Only)

Address: Ono-shi, Bungo, Oita Prefecture (Google Map)

10. Tofu Rock: Created by Severe Nature of Yakushima [Kagoshima]

"Tofu Rock" is a massive rock lying on top of "Mt. Kobandake" in Yakushima, the offshore of Kyushu. It was named "Tofu Rock" because its shape is like a vertically-cut tofu. If you plan a trek while watching the specific animals of Yakushima, this must be included in your route!

HP: (Japanese Only)

Address: Yakushima-cho, Kumage-gun, Kagoshima Prefecture (Google Map)


How do you think of these spots? People say that earthquakes and volcanic eruptions often occur in Japan, but there are a lot of spots where you can enjoy the beauty of the creation made by the Earth. How about going to Japan to find a landscape that you have never seen?

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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