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No umbrellas?!

What do you need when you walk in rain?

An umbrella, right?

But if you have a chance to be in Okinawa in a rainy day, you’ll be a little surprised…

Kids and teenagers don’t use umbrellas!

…Well, you might think it’s not that crazy. You might say, “We don’t bring umbrellas, either”.

But you know what?
Okinawa often has a sudden shower since it’s in the sub-tropics, and it sometimes squalls, so they get soaked if they don’t use umbrellas.

And the strange thing is, even when it starts raining suddenly, they don’t rush. They walk, chat and they get all wet but they don’t care about it.

Grown-ups actually bring umbrellas, so it’s just a trend for the youth there?!

Vending machine

I took some photos of really strange vending machines when I went back to Okinawa. It was in Naha, but I know you can find strange vending machines pretty everywhere in Okinawa.

So here it is…

You see the cans with hand-writing signs?
It says “Variety of kinds of tea” but it means “You get some kind of tea, we put many kinds of tea and you don’t know which one you’ll get”.
Isn’t it crazy?!

Here’s the next one…

The gold one says “You don’t know what you’ll get” and the one next to that with a hand-writing sign says “sweet soda”.

And next one is…

It says “You don’t know what you’ll get. Enjoy!”

This one is not a crazy one, but Okinawan vending machines often have Okinawan drinks, such as jasmine tea called “sanpin cha”, mango juice or “shikwasa juice”. Shikwasa is an Okinawan citrus fruit which is sour like lemon.

You can see sanpin cha in almost all the vending machines since Okinawan people love this kind of tea so much. They drink it home and they drink it outside.

You can also find Blue Seal’s chocolate drink. Blue Seal is the most popular ice cream shop in Okinawa but the shop is originally from the US.


There are so many strange names of shops in Okinawa, and you can also see strange signs everywhere.

The strange names are, “Bar Single Mother”, “Cow Building” etc…
You would wonder why they name like that, wouldn’t you?

And here’s a strange sign.

It says “Aga Clinic of osteopathic, acupuncture and moxibustion”.
(Moxibustion is a traditional Chinese medicine therapy using moxa made from dried mugwort)

“Aga” is what people say when they hurt themselves, so it’s like “Ouch”.

So the name of the clinic is, “Ouch Clinic”!!!!!

And next one is…

The pig is cooking himself?!

Crazy and funny!

Okinawan people are crazy and funny. They laugh everyday and they always try to make others laugh too. That may be one of the reasons why many people fall in love with Okinawa.

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