YAMADA DENKI 7% Off Tax-Free Shopping Coupon

【Items applicable for redeeming the coupon】
・By using the coupon, you can purchase in-store products at a 7% discount. 
・Some products are subject to 8% consumption tax. 

【Notes on using coupons】

①Only one coupon can be used at a time.
②This coupon can be used with tax-free purchases at Yamada Denki designated tax-free stores.
③This coupon cannot be used separately or exchanged for cash.
④Gift vouchers, gift certificates, and cash vouchers cannot be purchased tax-free.
⑤Products not eligible for coupon discount: Apple products, game consoles, Used products, reused recycled products, electronic cigarettes, some Dyson manufacturer-specified products, and some Panasonic manufacturer-specified products.
⑥This coupon cannot be used in conjunction with other campaigns or coupons.
⑦The product lineup may differ at some stores. (Medicines, cosmetics, etc. may not be available.)

※For more information, please ask the sales staff.


*To use this coupon, you can print out this page and show it when you pay. Alternatively, you can show it when you pay using a mobile electronic device like a smartphone or tablet.