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Have you ever heard of “Puchi pura cosme” (petit price cosme)? It means cosmetics at low prices. Japanese high school girls have been talking about those cosmetics a lot lately because it is cheap, yet very good quality.

Top 5 : the Loujene palette

Here’s an eyeshadow palette with 12 colors and a double ended eye shadow sponge tip.
12 eyeshadows for this price is so worth it. You have enough colors to create a lot of different looks, daytime looks with the lighter colors and night time looks with the darker colors. Japanese high school girls also say the eyeshadows have a really good color pay off.

Top 4 : the Daiso Multi cheek

Blushes and bronzer for 1 dollar each. And of course we can’t forget the brush in the package.

Here’s how the colors show on the skin. The colors are not too light, but beautifully natural.

Top 3 : the Daiso SD eyeliner

The eyeliner is a must have item for Japanese girls who want to emphasize the beauty of their eye shape. This eyeliner from Daiso has a very good reputation among high school girls.

You can create beautiful thin or thick lines with this Daiso black eyeliner. The packaging is classy and doesn’t look like it costs 1 dollar. You will get a strong black color, which is really important when you do your eye makeup.

Top 2 : the Daiso Pearl in Eye shadow palette

If the 12 eyeshadows palette is too much for you to handle here’s another option.
Four shimmery eyeshadows in a small palette very easy to carry in your makeup pouch.

The brown palette

On the skin


In the picture above, here’s how the eyeshadows from the brown palette look like on the skin. Four colors is enough to create a beautiful gradation on your eyes. You even have a white shimmery eyeshadow for the highlight and a dark brown color to line your eyes.

And in first position…

1. The Daiso Eyebrow coat

The eyebrow coat from Daiso has a super good reputation among Japanese girls who say it is the best makeup product of all the 1 dollar stores!
If you often fill in/draw your eyebrows, you might have noticed that sometimes, the eyebrow pencil doesn’t stay on all day long. Put this eyebrow coat on top and you will see a big difference. Your eyebrows will look perfect all day long!

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