Convenient Ways to Use a Furoshiki: Simple Bag

A furoshiki is a traditional and convenient Japanese item. Though it may look like just a square-shaped piece of cloth, there are actually many ways to use it! This time, we will teach you how to make a simple bag with it.


Japanese Culture

Open the cloth on a flat surface, and fold it over so it’s a triangle shape with the backside of the fabric facing outwards.

Tie the corners of the fabric into separate knots.

Bring those knots to the center and tie them together, then pull the whole thing inside out.

Tie the two ends together to create the finished bag.

Why not bring a furoshiki with you the next time you head out? That way, you’ll have something to put your items in. Furoshiki can also be used as tapestries thanks to their stylish patterns. Use it as a shawl when you’re cold, as a cushion cover... there are so many ways you can use a furoshiki! The next time you’re shopping for souvenirs, pick one up!

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