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Who is Lena Fujii?


Lena Fujii (藤井リナ Fujii Rina) (born on July 2, 1984) is a Japanese commercial fashion model, singer and actress. She is managed by Stardust Promotion Agency and sometimes goes by the name “Lena”. Fujii was scouted in Harajuku and is best known for her work for Japanese fashion magazine ViVi.


If you’ve ever seen the fashion magazine ViVi, then chances are you’ve laid eyes on Lena Fujii. ViVi is a magazine geared toward mild gyaru girls with more of a modern, contemporary and casual look than hardcore gyaru fashion. Fujii has been one of ViVi’s principal models for the past 11 years, but she decided to graduate this year on her 30th birthday.

What has Lena Fujii done?

As a regular model for ViVi, Fujii has been on several magazine covers and feature spreads.


This is the most recent issue of ViVi and Fujii’s graduation cover.


Fujii has also done house/techno music and has released two albums called Lena and Rainbow. She has also released a selection album, ViVi presents Holiday Style – selected by Lena Fujii.

Fujii’s remix of Rihanna’s Pon de Replay.

One of Fujii’s songs, Let it Rain – 2% Version.

Hard Beginnings


Fujii was born in Kawasaki City, Japan to a father of Japanese and European American descent and a Japanese mother. Fujii has a younger brother, Arthur. As a high school student, Fujii traveled to Switzerland to study English following bullying by her Japanese classmates who would make comments such as “You’re a fat one [foreigner] but you don’t speak English”. In Switzerland, she was also subject to bullying and racism, particularly from one female classmate, who would make racist comments.

When Fujii initially entered into her management company, her debut coincided with two other new models and Fujii recalls getting the least attention. In recent years, she became a renowned model in Japan, and is arguably one of the best known Japanese models both in and outside of Japan.


At her graduation event, Fujii did mention she wanted to keep modeling…and also get married. I’m sure she’ll keep the public updated on everything she does from now on.

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