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It is okay even for work! French manicure.

There’s an unspoken agreement that it isn’t possible to dress as casually as Europeans or Americans do at a Japanese office. However, a sense of hygiene is also important. Because of that, you can enjoy “casual” fashion that is also appropriate for the office.

What is a French manicure?

The direct translation for French manicure means “French style nails” but it in fact started in the US.

French women usually do not use manicures. Instead, they scrupulously polish their nails to make them looks beautiful. This is the origin of the word, “French nail”, a kind of nail art which looks natural.



Glitters on the border


A simple decoration


Inverse French nail


Inverse French nails leaves the base of the nail untouched while decorating the rest. This nail design stays beautiful once the nail grows, so you can save money since you don’t have to visit a nail salon as often.

Inverse French with a simple decoration


This beige nude color is currently trendy.

Nails matching the season or event

You can double the fun by matching your nails with your schedule based on the season or event! Enthusiastic girls especially do their nails for Halloween and Christmas parties.

Winter conscious design




Sakura season


Hina Matsuri (Doll festival)

The Hina Matsuri is a festival to pray for the growth of young girls every year on March 3. I decorate the house with dolls and imperial palace dolls.

The Hina dolls are comprised of a pair of dolls, Obina and Mebina.

For Disneyland!

You can be immersed in Disney World from head to toe.

For Halloween season Disney!


In tune with Halloween at Disney, this is another Halloween design.

For a trip to Paris


For a trip to the UK


It also shows that you’re a Japanese tourist.


Japanese people like cute characters. Nail artists are good at detailed work and are clever with their hands, so Japanese artists are well-versed in character design manicures.




Let’s pick up M&Ms to go with this manicure!

Hello Kitty and My Melody




Power Puff girls

It might be hard to use chopsticks with these kinds of nails, but you get used to it!



So how about it?

How about challenging yourself in a Japan nail salon once you come to Japan? Even if you cannot communicate, they might be able to give you a proposal for a similar item based on the nail photos.

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