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One of the most popular Japanese hamburger chain restaurants, Lotteria, launched an exciting menu targeting a certain generation in the country.

Bikkuriman shake


This is the menu. This is a sort of milkshake with crunchy chocolate wafers. But above all, the most attractive part are the stickers which comes with it when you purchase the shake.

What is “Bikkuriman”?



Bikkuriman is the name of a chocolate snack which has been sold since 1977.


A sticker is accompanied in the pack of the snack and there are many manga characters which are printed on the stickers.

Bikkuriman official site

Bikkuriman (Wikipedia)

Bikkuriman boom, which became a social problem at that time


In 80’s and 90’s, people went crazy in collecting these stickers, because there were several stickers which were considered as something very rare.


Some people bought big boxes of the Bikkuriman in order to get as many stickers as possible, though the snack itself was thrown away. And some people put up such stickers for auction. These phenomena were considered to be a big social problem at the time.

Bikkuriman Charter


To avoid this social problem, Lotte, the selling company of Bikkuriman, launched the Bikkuriman Charter. It is as follows:

1.  I will never sell or buy stickers.

2. I will enjoy the chocolate when I collect stickers.

3. I will enjoy communicating with friends by giving-and-taking stickers.

10 new sticker designs are available now at Lotteria!



These legendary Bikkuriman stickers are now available at Lotteria in new designs! Make sure to respect the Bikkuriman Charter when you collect these stickers.


Don’t only enjoy the stickers! You also have the crunchy wafers with chocolate in the milkshake.


Please don’t put up the collection for auction! (This was sold for JPY 2,800…)


Please stay reasonable! (Don’t throw away the milkshake just because you only want the stickers!)

It was so yummy. I got the sticker of  Black Zeus (the name of a character) (^_^) I don’t want to drink the milkshake anymore, but I want to collect more stickers, so maybe I will offer this milkshake to someone. Wow, I’m gonna do the same as I did in the 80’s…
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