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Yayoi Festival is another event you should not miss out in Japan if you are visiting in April. The five-day event will begin on April 13 and ends on April 17 to mark the beginning of spring in Nikko.

Yayoi Festival in Nikko

Kids at Yayoi Festival

This is a traditional event, which started in 767-770. The Yayoi festival was carried out in March at that time because Yayoi means March in the ancient calendar. The calendar became modern in 1873 and dates of the festival changed to today’s schedule.

Although, ceremony of shrine is carried out with dignity, this festival will be busy because it will be for parishioners.

The parishioners carry everything in traditional order. There will be a conflict between towns if something was in wrong order. Therefore, people pay attention to the festival. Portable shrines from each town visit Haiden oratory in the afternoon, and go back to home in order.

Parishioners carry a portable shrine

Portable Shrines entering Shrine

Yayoi Festivals’s activities schedule

April 13 miniature shrine decoration festival
April 14 nichitakibishinshashinyotogohatsuyosai
       Liquor meeting type
       Arrival at Takio Shrine miniature shrine sedan chair festival
April 15 parishioner big festival
April 16 nichitakibishinshashinyokaesagohatsuyosai
       Sedan chair festival from head office Hongu Shrine miniature shrine
       Japanese Olympus act of God
       Head office, Takio, honkyushinshasanshinyokaesagochakuyosai
       [eve] each house in the town body two wild mountain god Bridge concentration
       [eve] eve ceremony
       [eve] up bridge act of God, hand-kneaded expression
April 17 annual festival
       Arrival at Mikami sedan chair Hongu sedan chair festival
       Dedication entertainment
       The Akira God circumference
       Hand-kneaded ceremony in front of front shrine

Portable Shrine parading the city

Ritual being held

Traders selling snacks during the Yayoi Festival

This festival signals the arrival of spring at Nikko, which has temples and shrines registered as World Heritage sites. The main attraction takes place on the 17th: a parade of 12 beautifully adorned floats called hana-yatai from each town. This is a traditional festival dating back as far as the 8th Century. Even today ancient customs are faithfully observed and the ritual must be conducted accordingly. Any mistake causes a lot of trouble, which is why this festival is also called Gota Matsuri, the word “gota” meaning “trouble,” or “Festival of Disputes.”

Japanese Spring Festival – Yayoi Matsuri of Nikko

This is what to expect at the Yayoi Festival.

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