Chano-ma Has Opened its First Branch in Kobe!

A tranquil cafe filled with Japanese hospitality, Chano-ma opened its first Kobe branch on May 29, 2018! The branch is located at Clefy Sannomiya, which is a fashion and dining hotspot in Sannomiya, Kobe - the birthplace of trends. It is close to Sannomiya Station, which is easily accessible from Kobe and Osaka.


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Chano-ma Has Opened Its First Branch in Kobe!

Chano-ma, which is a very popular Japanese cafe in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya, has finally opened its first branch in Kobe's trendy hotspot, Sannomiya! With its ever-evolving landscape of the latest trends, Sannomiya now has yet another relaxation spot as of May 29, 2018.

Besides the raised sitting area where you can remove your shoes, sit back, and relax, the Sannomiya branch also features the highly recommended window-side seating that offers a great view of the surrounding business district. A professional sound selector picks the pleasant background music, which is essential in creating an atmosphere of a modernized Japanese living and tea room.

Enjoy Healthy and Comforting Japanese Home Cooking

One Soup and Three Sides

The Ichiju Sansai (1,180 yen plus tax) consists of domestically-grown, chewy black rice mixed with brown rice, tonjiru (pork miso soup), and pickles, along with three side dishes of your choice. What's more, you get to enjoy an unlimited amount of brown rice and tonjiru!

There is a variety of small dishes that you can choose from, such as Avocado to Tomato no Yakko (avocado and tomato with a square of tofu), Dashi-maki Tamago no Mentaiko Sauce (rolled broth-flavored omelet with spicy cod roe sauce), and Fried Chicken Cutlet With Demi-glace Sauce. Choose whichever one takes your fancy! You can add an extra side dish for just 150 yen (plus tax).

Homemade Doughnuts

Enjoy the flaky and moist texture of their homemade Croissant Doughnut (880 yen plus tax), along with other selections like Warabi Mochi to Satsumaimo (bracken starch rice cake and sweet potato) and Daigaku Imo to Kuri (candied sweet potato and chestnut). Don't miss their great deal, which allows you to add a beverage to go along with your dessert for just an extra 400 yen (plus tax)!

Herb Milk

The branch gets a supply of fresh, organic herbs from Ochiai Herb Farm, based in Shizuoka - a prefecture well-known for producing top-notch Japanese tea. These natural herbs with a strong aroma are mixed with milk pasteurized at low temperatures to make their signature Herb Milk Tea. Choose from ginger, cinnamon, camomile, and elderflower, and find the concoction that best suits your palate!

Chano-ma Kobe

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