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Get more tissues! 10 More Japanese Romance Movies of the 2000s

Last time, I introduced some classic romance movies of the 2000s that you might have seen before. This time, I’m going to introduce several movies that were just released that you might not have heard of. Personally I’ve seen several of these films and though they might fall under the genre of “typical romance movie,” they were still enjoyable (and still made me cry).
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“When Marnie Was There”: All About the New Ghibli Movie

If you’ve been keeping up with Ghibli movies in the past few years,, you might know they’re coming out with a new movie called When Marnie Was There. Or maybe you’ve been living under a rock and you have absolutely no idea that Ghibli’s been releasing new movies since the last one you watched. If that last one is you, here’s an article to bring you up to speed.
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Five Japanese Actresses Who Look Amazing in Kimono or Yukata

Lately, few women walk around in full kimono unless they’re going to a formal event. Yukata are slightly more common in the summer because of an abundance of festivals, but mostly it’s become easier to stick to Western clothing. However, this has made wearing kimono to be something very special, and seeing actresses wear the elaborate outfits brings a rather refreshing yet upscale feel to any red carpet.
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Try visiting a Japanese TV station: NHK (NHK Studio Park)

If you’re visiting Japan or about to visit Japan, you might be a little tired of only hearing about historical tourist spots like temples and shrines and famous shopping areas. If you want to try something a little different (that you don’t have to pay for), you can try visiting a Japanese TV station. Even if you aren’t familiar with the shows, you’ll still find something to do! If you’re in the Shibuya/Yoyogi Park area, try visiting NHK’s interactive area, NHK Studio Park.
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