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“When Marnie Was There”: All About the New Ghibli Movie

If you’ve been keeping up with Ghibli movies in the past few years,, you might know they’re coming out with a new movie called When Marnie Was There. Or maybe you’ve been living under a rock and you have absolutely no idea that Ghibli’s been releasing new movies since the last one you watched. If that last one is you, here’s an article to bring you up to speed.
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How to improve your Japanese ? Maybe you should read educational manga !

These days I’m into infographics because of their brilliant explanation at first sight. It’s really informative and easy to understand. Yes, seeing is learning.If you’re struggling to improve your Japanese, maybe you should try some educational manga for kids. Wait. Manga for study ? You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover ! Kid’s books show you “cultural literacy” to understand Japanese culture in depth !
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20 reasons why Japan is awesome and you have to see yourself

There could be hundreds of reasons why you should add Japan in your travel list. Being one of the most advanced (in terms of technology) countries in the world, Japan also offers an ancient outlook to tourists, especially their religious sites. So, let’s take a look at the 20 reasons why you should visit Japan…at least, these are the reasons that brought me to Japan.
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