Area of Japan - Traveling the JR Chuo Line

The JR Chuo Line starts at Tokyo Station and travels through western Tokyo, reaching as far as Hachioji City. Along the line, you’ll find several areas unknown by tourists yet deeply loved by locals. In this feature of our Area of Japan series, we’re covering a couple of these areas - Koenji, Asagaya, Ogikubo, and Nishi Ogikubo - and showcasing some of the most attractive spots they have on offer.


Exploring the Nostalgic Local Shopping Streets Along the JR Chuo Line!

“Shotengai,” translated into English as “shopping streets,” offer a glimpse into local life in Japan. The rise of shopping centers might be resulting in their decline, but along the JR Chuo Line, there are still a wide variety just waiting to be discovered. Explore stores selling all kinds of foods, secondhand clothing, antiques, and other goods along the shotengai introduced in this article.


Kinoko - Vietnam

I am a resident of Tokyo and like to explore new areas and meet interesting people in Japan. I hope to use my experiences to make you feel closer to Japan.


Ride the JR Chuo Line to Uncover Tokyo's Yesteryears: Nostalgic Cafes and Retro Shops Await!

“Retro” has been making a comeback recently, but a lot of it is manufactured or adjusted to fit modern times. In Japan, however, there are still places where you can find yourself fully transported to the past, and many of them happen to fall along the JR Chuo Line. These historical cafes, vintage clothing stores, shopping streets, and more, are collectively called “Chuo Line culture” in Japan. In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the amazingly nostalgic spots around the Ogikubo, Asagaya, and Koenji areas.


Shirley - Taiwan

A former flight attendant now living in Tokyo, I am always looking forward to my next adventure. I especially love getting on an airplane and traveling to various parts of Japan to unearth the beauty of each location. I hope to continue writing about my travel experiences and the culture of the places I visit!


Suginami Ward Charm: Discover Showa Era Beauty Along the JR Chuo Line!

Suginami Ward is just a bit west from central Tokyo, nestled between the busy Shinjuku and chic yet serene Kichijoji. With its unique atmosphere, even though it isn’t visited much by sightseers, a walk through its streets will surely unveil interesting discoveries. For this article, our editors dived into the area, especially Koenji and Ogikubo near the JR Chuo Line, to uncover spots that will make just about anyone want to pay Suginami a visit.


Lu - Taiwan

Born in Taipei, I am a subculture fan living the otaku dream in Tokyo and enjoying the best of what Japan has to offer.


A Solitary Gourmet Adventure Along the JR Chuo Line: Hawaiian Oxtail Soup, Yakitori, Moroccan Tagine, and More

Solitary Gourmet is a TV drama series featuring actual Japanese restaurants. It started as a late-night show but exploded in popularity, and is now enjoying awards and acclaim worldwide. There are actually multiple restaurants in the series located along the JR Chuo Line, which our editors visited to get a taste for themselves. If you get the chance to visit Tokyo, we hope this article will help with planning your own Solitary Gourmet adventure!


Pan - Taiwan

I am from Tainan, a foodie destination in Taiwan. I love food and handicrafts, and was moved by Japan’s cuisine culture of respecting nature and enjoying seasonal bounties. I hope to spread this charm to the world.

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