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12 Nara’s Temples and Shrines Flourishing with Vernal Flowers

Nara, within one hour distance from Kyoto and Osaka by train, is where Japan’s first capital was and is full of temples and shrines with long history. Most of them are located in rural areas or deep in mountains without eye-sores of high-rise buildings but often with beautiful gardens. Why don’t you stretch your leg to give spring colors to your trip?
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The Yakushi Sanzon-zo in Nara is a masterpiece you can’t miss.

Yakushisanzon temple was built in 680 under the order of Emperor Tenpu, who prayed for recovery for his sick wife.The temple enshrines statues of Bhaisaijyaguru, the main object of worship of the temple, and his two attendants, Suryaprabha and Candraprabha. All three of the statues are considered to be national treasures. We will introduce you to the charm of the temples you will want to visit when going to Nara.
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