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This page collects articles on what to eat in Kyoto. It contains information on popular Japanese foods for travelers such as sushi, ramen, sukiyaki, yakiniku, yakitori and others. There is also information about recommended restaurants in Kyoto.

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5 Recommended Places to Dine Around the Fushimi Inari Area in Kyoto

The continuing vermilion torii at Fushimi Inari Shrine is the head temple of all the Inari shrines in Japan, having a history of 1,300 years. Its easy access from the Kyoto Station makes it a popular tourist spot and represents Kyoto’s shrines. There are many foods, from lunch to dessert you can only enjoy here around the Fushimi Inari area. Here are 5 selected places to dine that will surely create memories to your trip.
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7 Recommended Items from JR Kyoto Station’s Isetan Depachika Food Floor

The depachika is a space that condenses Japan’s abundant food culture in a small space. In most cases, in the basement of department stores, there is a floor that’s full of small kiosks and storefronts where you can buy side dishes, bento, sweets, and more. This space is called the “depachika,” from “department store” and “basement” (“chika”). You can see all sorts of foods that you love just by walking around the depachika just once. At the JR Kyoto Isetan depachika, you can try these 7 shops that offer the tastes of Kyoto and its surroundings.
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15 Fine Dining Restaurants in Kyoto to Die for

Kyoto’s fine dining must not be missed! Calling all gourmet foodies out there to read this list of the best Japanese fine dining restaurants in Kyoto. These restaurants use the best local produce to satisfy your sophisticated taste buds and some will provide you with options to experience the Geisha and Maiko culture. As these restaurants are the finest jewels in town, you might want to call way ahead to make reservations first!
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