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AichiWhat to eat in Japan

A Staple of Nagoya Cuisine! 5 Recommended Places for Kishimen, Nagoya’s Comfort Food

Nagoya is a treasure trove of famous foods like hitsumabushi (chopped kabayaki eel on rice), tenmusu (rice ball with fried shrimp filling), miso nikomi udon (udon noodles cooked in a miso paste broth) and more! Here are some of the best shops to eat kishimen that are friendly to beginners of Japanese cuisine and are sure to become favorites.
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9 Recommended Kilns Where You Can Make Japanese Pottery

There are many types of ancient pottery and porcelain in Japan outside of Kyoto, Osaka, and Tokyo. Some of these kinds of pottery have been exported overseas for centuries, while some were almost unknown until recent years. Here are some workshops where you can try making these types of pottery yourself for a unique memory of your trip!
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AichiThings to do in Japan

13 things to do in Aichi

Aichi prefecture is just in the middle of Japan, five hours from Tokyo and three hours from Osaka by car, and easy to access from the Chubu International Airport directly. However, many people unfortunately pass through Aichi not knowing what’s really there – everything from historical castles to modern pop arts! Let’s take a look at what you can find in Aichi so that you don’t miss one of the fun places to visit in Japan!
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