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AichiChubuWhat to eat in Japan

Enjoy Three Flavors in One Meal! 5 Places to Try the Famous Nagoya Dish Hitsumabushi

Nagoya is a city in Aichi. It is located one hour from Osaka by bullet train and two hours from Tokyo by the same method. There are many famous tourist spots in the city, including Nagoya Castle. It is also the birthplace of many famous gourmet dishes including Miso Katsu and Nagoya Cochin. Here is another of those dishes, hitsumabushi, and five of the best restaurants to try it out!
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AichiWhat to eat in Japan

A Staple of Nagoya Cuisine! 5 Recommended Places for Kishimen, Nagoya’s Comfort Food

Nagoya is a treasure trove of famous foods like hitsumabushi (chopped kabayaki eel on rice), tenmusu (rice ball with fried shrimp filling), miso nikomi udon (udon noodles cooked in a miso paste broth) and more! Here are some of the best shops to eat kishimen that are friendly to beginners of Japanese cuisine and are sure to become favorites.
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IshikawaKanazawaWhere to stay in Japan

Enjoy the Ultimate Trip to Kanazawa! A Selection of 12 Luxury Hotels for your Stay

Kanazawa is a city in Ishikawa that preserves much of the old-world atmosphere of its days as a court town. Tourists visit from around the world to take in the city’s ancient architecture and the recent completion of the Hokoriku shinkansen has made the area more accessible than ever! This is a selection of popular luxury hotels in the Kanazawa area. Make your own pick and enjoy the ultimate Kanazawa vacation.
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ShizuokaThings to do in Japan

12 Exciting Things to Do in Shizuoka

Shizuoka is located between in Tokyo and Kyoto. Every day, tourists from China, Taiwan, and South Korea arrives at Mt. Fuji Airport which opened recently. The number of foreign tourists visiting Shizuoka Prefecture is increasing by leaps and bounds. The prefecture spreading in east and west has many attractive tourists’ spots such as Mt. Fuji which is a World Heritage Site, a village of Japan’s best green tea, and hot springs with the view of sea.
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10 places to immerse yourself in the Taisho Period: Japan in the early 20th Century

The glorious jumble of the Western and the Japanese style in culture, art, and music – it was the symbol of the Taisho Period. (1912-1926) The phenomenon inspired a giant leap in the development of the Japanese culture. It is to this day fondly remembered as the “Romanticism of Taisho”(Taisho-Roman). Here we introduce you to 10 perfect spots to savor the culture and the atmosphere of this unique period.
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8 Hot Springs and Bathhouses in Japan That Even Those With Tattoos Can Enter

Since Japanese people have a unique image of tattoos and people with them, many bathing facilities do not allow people with tattoos in their baths. However, here are some hot springs and bathhouses that do allow people with tattoos so you can have the best experience indulging in Japanese bathing culture here.
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