CA4LA, the chicest hat store in Japan

Even though a hat is a Western invention, we have a great hat store in Japan. CA4LA is definitely one of the chicest hat stores in Japan. Their hat collection, their interior design, their outfit ideas...everything is so stylish.



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CA4LA is a hat shop in Japan established in 1989 by Established Weave Toshi Co.,. CA4LA is quite popular in Japan and is well known as one of the most fashionable hat stores.

Our brand name 'CA4LA' (Pronounced as Ka-shi-la in Japanese) means the head and also the top In addition to our own designs, we also carry imported items and items that we have collaborated on with international artists, designers and musicians. These items are well received in both Japan and overseas. We would like to further expand our international market; and in 2006 we opened our first overseas' shop in London. This success is developing business internationally. We also have an online shop available for your convenience: CA4LAs focus is on fashion, and we believe that our customers have great trust in us. We are constantly challenging convention with our hats, and we will continue to do this in the future.

CA4LA Official Home Page (JP)

CA4LA Official Home Page (EN)

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Inside the shop, it's all about hats


What you see when you enter CA4LA shops is nothing but hats.


They present their hats artistically, to show that hats are not just to avoid sunshine but can also be used to express your originality and style.

Don't miss checking out their interior design too.


This is one of their shops  in Kichijoji, Tokyo. This shop's concept is based on a pub with the wish that their shop will be a cheerful place like a pub in London.


CA4LA Bridal


CA4LA started their wedding line in 2013. They have wedding head and hair accessories.

CA4LA Bridal Official HP


Don't you want to make your wedding a little bit more original with CA4LA's hair accessories?

Who says hats are only for Western styles?


CA4LA recommends wearing a hat when you are dressed in kimono too.


Recently, young Japanese people have been enjoying kimono fashionably by adding modern touches, so CA4LA's proposal is right with the trends!


With a hat, kimono styles seem less formal, which allows us to add kimono into our daily wardrobes. 


CA4LA during VOGUE FASHION'S NIGHT OUT 2014 in Tokyo



Tokyo's Vogue Fashion's Night Out 2014 was on September 6th. Omotesando, Harajuku, and Aoyama were all in full-on party mode. The shops in those areas held small parties to welcome customers in a special way. 

Vogue Japan Fashion's Night Out Official Home Page


CA4LA was one of them. The offered a glass of champagne at the entrance and had a DJ booth.

CA4LA's staff's outfit with an original hat


On that day, staff chose their party hats. Look at their original and gorgeous hats!


Toshio Yoshizawa is the founder of CA4LA. He also attended the party wearing a charming brilliant hat.

Shop Info(JP)

CA4LA Online Store (JP)




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