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Nokogiriyama Nihon Temple

Visitors to Chiba prefecture’s Nokogiriyama will certainly want to see the 31-meter high sitting stone Buddha statue at Nihon-ji Temple. Nihon-ji and its Daibutsu (literally “big Buddha”) can a bit of a surprise for many travelers venturing up the trails or ropeway simply to enjoy a hike and take in Nokogiri’s views of Mt. Fuji and Tokyo Bay. Indeed, the area is well worth a day-trip from Tokyo even without the temple.

The Nihon-ji Buddha first emerged from the mountain granite (with the help of human stone-carvers) in 1783 and later had some restoration work done in the 1960’s. The statue is more than twice as high as its more famous and more photographed counterpart down at Kamakura’s Kotoku-in Temple, though both of these would look puny in the company of the gargantuan 120-meter Ushiku Daibutsu (Japan’s tallest) in Ibaraki.

While both Kotoku-in and Ushiku showcase monuments to the Amitā

A small rock balcony overhanging a high cliff is especially popular with the visitors. There’s only a place for one or two persons on the cliff end, and the view is great – as long as you are not altophobic or do not become one after looking down.

The cliff has no normal steps leading to the edge, and climbing might be difficult.

Hyaku Shaku Kannon


Mount Nokogiri Jigoku Nozoki Observatory

Also, there is a shaded clearing, where stood another tall Buddhist statue, Hyakushaku-Kannon. At 30.3 meters, this was most definitely sculpted with sharp lines into the vertical cliff edge, making Him a harsher, Dickensian uncle to a rounder daibutsu father.


Mother Farm

Mother Farm, aka Mother Bokujo (or マザー牧場 if you are so inclined), is a fantastic family outing approximately 2 hours south of Tokyo in the verdant Chiba countryside. When you have had enough of Tokyo’s grey, the Boso Peninsula’s spring flora provides respite. The hills are alive…with the sounds of barnyard animals.

Situated atop Mt. Kanozan, not far from popular Nokogiriyama (with its gargantuan Buddha statue), there are lovely views of Tokyo Bay and even distant Mt.Fuji on clear days.

Kamogawa Sea World

Kamogawa Sea World is a world class aquarium, well known throughout Japan for its killer whale family. In addition to the killer whale show, main attractions of the facility are the dolphin show, sea lion performance and beluga whale performance. Experience “Tropical Island” exhibits and a chance to watch the animals’ performances close-up at “Rocky Stadium.” – Open all year – 5 min. ride via free shuttle departing from JR Awa-Kamogawa Station West Side


Shirahama Flower Park

Shirahama Flower Park
This area consists of a large greenhouse and 3 small ones are located at the most southern point of the Boso peninsula. You can find all sorts of tropical plants and fruits such as bananas. Come to enjoy the flower fields and use the facilities for barbeques.

Hananobe No Sato

A nature garden of approximately 10,000 square meters of flowers that bloom all through the four seasons. Starting with narcissus in January, plum, cherry, hydrangea and cosmos bloom each season. Also there are exhibitions of 1200 Hina dolls and bathing facilities.

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