Ginza Loft Hosted the First Sustainable Goods Market in Japan

Sustainable lifestyles have become a trend in the last few years, and because of that, Ginza Loft - a major variety goods store - held a sustainable goods market in the summer of 2018! Called "Bio Hotel Market", it showcased sustainable goods that were also delicious, functional, high-quality, and even beautifully designed. Events like workshops, food samplings, and live shows also took place there. It was an excellent way for visitors to learn about the many ways Japan could become a sustainable society!



In conjunction with its 30th anniversary, Loft opened a next-generation store in Ginza called "Ginza Loft". As part of its special 1st anniversary celebration, Ginza Loft decided to host a sustainable goods market called "Bio Hotel Market"!

Originating in Europe, "Bio Hotel" is the only hotel chain in the world to place strict regulations on ensuring the health of its guests, as well as the sustainability of its growth and operations. To achieve a "more comfortable and healthy life" and "discover a solution to the issues of society", the Bio Hotel Market presented visitors with a wide selection of sustainable products from brands in Japan and the rest of the world. By eating or using these delicious, functional, high-quality, long-lasting, and beautifully designed products, anyone could do their part in making a better world!

Below are some of the goods that were sold during the event.

Return to the Land Sneakers

Return to the Land Sneakers - White
(canvas sneakers with a leather lining)

13,824 yen

Bio Hotel Home & Travel

100% Natural Ingredients Hair/Body Care Products "Bio Hotel Home & Travel" (300ml)

2,916 yen each

Workshops, Performances, Food Sampling

[Sneaker Lab's Shoe Care Demonstration]
A demonstration by a premium shoe care brand from the Republic of South Africa that makes use of a biotechnology based on natural bacteria and enzymes (currently in development in over 50 countries).

[Sustainable Cleaning by Ecomfort]
A chemical-free (i.e. no detergent) cleaning demonstration that uses only water and cloth, making it both human and environment friendly! Save water, energy, and time. It changed the way attendees did their laundry in Japan!

[Newest Organic and Sustainable Food & Drink Massive Sampling]
Guests were allowed to taste the latest organic and sustainable foods and drinks imported from all parts of the world. It was an eye-opening and delicious experience!


Even if it is slow, Japan is slowly paving its way to becoming a sustainable society. Just earlier in 2018, there was an event where a Japanese company promoted the idea of eating bugs as a more sustainable way of living and eating!

Do keep an eye out for all that Japan has to offer in terms of sustainable growth and living in the near future!


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The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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