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Kobe Biennale (Next in 2015)

An urban arts festival, the Kobe biennale aims to spread the word about the cultural heritage of Kobe as well as to invite new artists to the region to stimulate creativity and inspire public participation. During the biennale, for approximately two months, the city is covered in artworks in public spaces as well as specific venues so if you visit at any point during this time you are bound to encounter some memorable pieces of art.

Echigo-Tsumari Triennale (Next in 2015)

Niigata Prefecture holds its own art festival every three years in and around Tokomachi City. Like other festivals in Japan, the echigo-tsumari approach aims to incorporate the surrounding natural beauty into the picture of art production. The festival celebrates the local surroundings as well as builds links with the community. They divide the region into six separate regions of art viewing and so it will take a few days to see all of the different artworks that are on display. At any time of the year, 200 artworks that are permanent installations from previous triennales are visible in the region.

Setouchi Triennale (Next in 2016)

Setouchi is held every three years and involves a large region of mainland Japan, and connected with smaller regional islands close to Kobe. This area has become a destination for art appreciators at any time due to the internationally renowned art museum in Naoshima. This location and many others filled with natural beauty make a special effort to draw visitors by joining together to invite new projects and collaborative art projects in this beautiful natural environment.

Yokohama Triennale (Next in August 2014)

The Yokohama Triennale is about to commence in August of this year. It has been running since 2001. It aims to introduce an internationally selected group of artists to audiences right in the city of Yokohama. The venues are easily accessible to visitors from Tokyo and offers an opportunity to see top artworks collected together in a relatively convenient place. It is part of the cultural initiative of Yokohama to promote and support the city as a cultural hub. The title of this year’s exhibition is “Art Fahrenheit 451: Sailing Into the Sea of Oblivion.”

Aichi Triennale (next in 2016)

The Aichi Triennale is held every three years in Aichi Prefecture in Japan. Artists from all over the world are invited to propose large-scale installations over a wide area. these installations combine indoor and outdoor as well as urban and rural environments. The area of the triennale is quite spread out so it is best to view it with a car over at least a couple of days. Pictured above is the much talked about foam cloud installation by Kohei Nawa in 2013.

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