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1. Natural childbirth is much more common than painless childbirth

Japanese people tend to choose natural childbirth traditionally.

In Japan, natural childbirth is much more common than painless childbirth since long time. Many people stick to having natural childbirth. Of course some people cannot do that because of the condition of herself and baby, but still natural childbirth is considered the holiest way to give birth to a baby.

2. Kōen debut

A big event to mom

When the happy news that your baby starts to walk comes out, the next stage is “Kōen debut”. What does it mean? “Kōen” means park Japanese, so it’s the first visiting the park near to your home with your baby.

What happens in the park?

Why Kōen debut is such a serious event to mom? It’s because there are already mom’s communities and it’s very important to get along with other moms so that your baby will have happy and peaceful life with other babies, who are to be the future friends.

Some moms get nervous.

Some moms are so serious about this big event and very stressed, even some of them get depressed. But keeping good company with others will help you. So take it easy and put a smile on your face 🙂 Then you will make frieds with other moms and so does your baby.

3. Education expenses are unsupportable

The government doesn’t help you here.

Do you know the law birth rate in Japan? There are many reasons for it, but one of them might be this. Education expenses are super expensive in Japan. It’s not like European countries where the government bears it largely.

How expensive is it?

Roughly saying, from a kindergarden to University, if all of them are public schools, you are supposed to spend 8 millions yen for one child. If they are all private ones, it jumps up to 25 millions yen. (1 dollar is around 100 yen.)

Have money and want to be sure about your children’s future?

If you have enough money and want your children to be elite, bringing them to a integrated private school as early as possible would be a good idea. Once your children enters the kindergarden, elementary school or junior high school, they can directly go to the same University. It works very well especially when that private school is celebrated one, such as Waseda University or Keio University. The name value of University is very important in Japanese society. This is the way which rich elite family does for their children in Japan.

However, in that case, it’s not only education expenses you must pay for, but also the preparation for “Juken war”. What is “Juken war?” This is the expression which signifies the processes to the entrance examination of private school. In order to succeed in entrance examination, it is often you, the parent who goes crazy rather than children who are going to take it. You will research which school is the best, which cram school is good for your children and always have to encourage your children.

Cram school

Your children are absolutely to go to cram school or at least have a private tutor, because studying at school with other students is not enough at all to go to Juken war. It costs even more to education expenses which you pay to the school.

4. Baby-sitter in not that common yet

Japanese mom doesn’t want let stranger take care of her dear children.

In Japan, hiring a baby-sitter is not common yet. It’s possible to ask your parents or a mother of your children’s friend to keep your kids for a while. However, asking someone unknown to keep your dear is uncertain and Japanese people don’t feel like doing it.

Then, how do we have a time in two with our husband?

Without hiring baby-sitter, how can we going out in two with your husband? Actually it is often said that in Japan, once we get married and have a child, we become “mom and papa”, not lovers any more. But why not change this situation? Sharing love between parents should be good to your children…what do you think?

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