Beautiful Snow Festival in Northern Tohoku

There are fantastic scenes created by snow, ice and beautiful lights.

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The Snow Festival in Sapporo, Hokkaido must be the most famous snow festival in Japan. But there are also many other beautiful festivals in Tohoku, the northern part of Japan, which is an area that gets a lot of snow each year.

Lake Towada Snow Festival

The Snow Festival at Lake Towada, called ' Towadako Fuyu Monogatari (Lake Towada Winter Story)' is in Aomori prefecture, the northernmost prefecture on Honshu.
At the mysterious winter lake, covered by snow and ice, you can see fireworks and shops selling all kinds of delicious festival foods.

Maiden Statue


Otome no Zou(Maiden Statue) is lit up by beautiful lights in the dark. The impression is completely different from seeing it in the day-time.


The sky is more clear in winter time, making fireworks look vibrant and beautiful.

Local gourmet!

There are many stalls selling local food. You can enjoy many kinds only in here!

Lantern Snow Festival at Hirosaki Castle

This is a festival which is held at Hirosaki Castle in the city of Hirosaki, Aomori in February. Hirosaki castlem when lit up, brings a fantastic atmosphere to the festival.

Snow Lanterns


About 100 snow lanterns with traditional Japanese paintings are lit up all around the castle park.

You can also see paintings which have been used in the Neputa Festival, a famous summer festival in Hirosaki.

Yokote Kamakura

One of the great joys for children in winter is to make "kamakura" or snow domes. The city of Yokote in Akita Prefecture is famous for these snow domes. This custom has a history of about 400 years. There are many small and large snow domes lit up for you to enter.

There are about 100 kamakura in the city.


Children sit in each snow dome and welcome people with sweet sake and mochi cakes.

Small Kamakura

There are also many small snow domes. They looks so mysterious when lit up with candles inside.

Tohoku Feature

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