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Who is BABYMETAL, the group the world is going crazy over?


Have you heard of BABYMETAL? 

BABYMETAL is a 3-person subunit derived from the Japanese idol group Sakura Gakuin, with the theme of combining the idol and metal genres.

At first they were a regular idol subunit, but thanks to their overwhelming performance power and their uniqueness as idols, their popularity gained speed bit by bit. Just like that they surpassed their mother group, Sakura Gakuin, and are now considered top artists in their own right.

Their first song, “Gimme Chocolate!!” reached 140,000,000 views in six months.


About the members

Main Vocalist: SU-METAL (born December 20, 1997)



Screamer, dancer: YUIMETAL (born June 20th, 1999) 



Screamer, dancer: MOAMETAL (born July 4th, 1999) 



Lately, Yuimetal and Moametal especially are growing up in the spotlight so they’ve become a hot topic among fans.


Their signature pose, the fox sign, was originally the metal sign of the horns taught to them by their creator, Kobametal. After Kobametal taught them how to make the horns, they played with them like shadow puppets and turned them into foxes. There they decided that it would be better to use that instead.


Here is a valuable photo of them in their regular clothes (with Ted Jensen in a New York studio)


By the way, the person who originally came up with BABYMETAL, Kobametal, is a mysterious person whose identity is unknown.




BABYMETAL’s charms: Their cuteness combined with metal’s intensity makes them knock-outs

BABYMETAL’s cherubic faces combined with their genuine metal sound on stage makes for overwhelming performances.


Kobemetal on BABYMETAL’s music:

There have always been idol songs that are made to sound like metal, but in BABYMETAL’s case, they are idol songs based on a genuine metal sound.

Their music is genuine, thick metal sound, and in that metal there’s a lot of electronic core and melodic speed metal songs and songs where they use a double bass drum from start to finish. Their music sensibilities attract even old-school metal fans.

In addition to that, their biggest charm is their idol cuteness combined with their intense metal music.

Their cherubic faces do a complete about-face once their concert starts. The girls’ intense headbanging and mosh-pit-style movements bring forth a wildly enthusiastic reaction throughout the entire venue.

According to Kobametal: 

BABYMETAL has the concept that “God descends and transforms Su-metal, Yuimetal, and Moametal,” but in reality the girls themselves don’t have much recollection of the concerts. During their intense performers, they go into an adrenaline-induced trance-like state, like a runner’s high. That fever pitch unites them with the audience and is one reason their fans are obsessed.


BABYMETAL’s concerts begin not with an MC, but with a video story called “The Fox Apocalypse” that immerses the audience in BABYMETAL’s world. It creates unity throughout the event hall, an essential point for their appearances.

Among this completely dark, heavy, atmosphere, the hook of the song changes to a catchy, idol-like melody, creating an exquisite imbalance that is nonetheless irresistible. The intense performance that unfolds in front of the audience combined with their adorable appearances is said to be the biggest reason why BABYMETAL has gotten so popular.


Their path up till now

BABYMETAL isn’t popular just within Japan, but they’ve also exploded overseas.

Their indies debut song, “Doki Doki Morning,” was released on October 24th, 2011, and gathered views from all around the world. At the time, the members were still 12-14 years old.

After that, in 2012 they participated in one of Japan’s biggest summer rock festivals, Summer Sonic, becoming the youngest participants ever. In spite of the fact that the decision to have them perform was made just before the festival opened, the audience, including lots of fans from overseas, rushed to see them and their performance put the entire event area into an uproar.

How they looked at Summer Sonic 2012


November of the same year, they appeared at Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2012, their first international appearance.

They made their major debut in 2013 with “Ijime, Dame, Zettai,” and they continued their pleasant advance. After their first international appearance in Singapore, they carried out sales of their first album, and in March 2014 they held their first performance at the Budokan, a venue that could be called the ultimate stage for Japanese musicians. At the time, the members’ average age was 14.7 years old, making them the youngest female artists to play there.

Their concert at the Budokan



Their first album “BABYMETAL” appeared in the top 10 of rock album charts in 7 countries on iTunes. It ranked in six different categories on America’s Billboard charts, and in 2 on the UK’s official charts.

In July 2014, accompanied by their remarkable backband, “BABYMETAL World Tour 2014” began, with plans to go around France, Germany, England, America, and Japan.

For their London performance, they originally planned for a 1000 person venue, but tickets were immediately sold out so it was hurriedly changed to a 2500 person venue. In America, their tickets also sold out almost immediately and were being resold on Stubhub, a ticket resale website, for $800. The tour was a complete success.


Also, the same month, they performed on the main stage of the huge rock festival “Sonisphere Festival UK”. They performed on the same stage as legends of the rock world like Prodigy, Iron Maiden, Metallica, and Limp Bizkit, and made the audience of 67,000 people crazy about them.



 Interview filmed after Sonisphere

From the end of July to the beginning of August, they received an offer from Lady Gaga to open her world tour “artRAVE: the ARTPOP Ball” for five performances.


Lady Gaga herself also seemed extremely pleased with BABYMETAL’s performances, and videos of her headbanging in the audience were uploaded to many video sites.

During those performances, Gaga asked them to take a picture with her, and then she uploaded a photo of herself with the members doing their signature fox sign onto her Instagram.


After that, they performed in Canada and at Summer Sonic 2014, and their popularity has reached levels that entrance to their venues is now tightly controlled.

In September, they will conclude the BABYMETAL World Tour 2014 in Japan. They’re in such demand that in November they are once again returning to New York and London for more performances.


Who knows how far these girls are going to go?


They’re very popular with foreign musicians; here are some backstage shots

Metallica’s Kirk Hammett 


Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine


The members of Anthrax


Mr. Big’s Billy Sheehan 


Another meeting with Lady Gaga, who came for her August performance in Japan



For people who still don’t understand their popularity, just check out their official videos!

[MV] Doki Doki☆Morning (2011/10/24 released)


[MV] Iine! (2012/3/21 released)

[MV] Head Bangya!! (2012/7/4 released)

[MV] Ijime,Dame,Zettai (2013/1/9 released)

[MV] MEGITSUNE (2013/6/19 released)

[LIVE] WORLD TOUR 2014 – Trailer

This video gives you the feeling of being at a live performance!

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